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Ken Wohletz has developed these programs for users, and the links below describe more about them and directions for downloading most recent versions (for Windows™ 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8).  Please see these pages listed below for further information before you start a download. If you have trouble downloading or installing these programs please notify me. 


  1. In order to successfully install these programs, the user should be logged in with administrative rights.
  2. These programs remind users to enter a free registration code. Just follow the program's registration directions to get the code from KWare.
  3. Links to pages describing these programs and their downloadable installation files are listed below.
  4. To quickly view/download the most recent versions (4 February 2014) of available files, view the KWare Software Information page to download ones that interest you.
  5. Depending upon which internet browser you use, it may be required to set the FTP to passive for successful file downloading.
  6. The server may periodically be unavailable for downloading. If so, try again at a later date.
  7. Check back often to see if there are updates to programs you use.


ADXP  AutoDefragXP: Designed specifically for the Microsoft Windows XP operation system, this application uses operating system capabilities to defragment hard disk drives and schedule the operation to perform automatically during specified intervals.
Last update is 30 September 2003.

DigiMap DigiMap: A program for simple and fast digitization of map data from maps scanned and saved as common graphic files.
Last update is 26 November 2013.

Click to go to the Erupt page Erupt3: is a graphical program that simulates various volcanic eruption types, including Strombolian, Plinian, Vulcanian/Surtseyan pyroclastic flows and surges, Hawaiian fluid lava flows, fumarolic activity, and Peleean viscous lava dome emplacement. Tectonic (faulting), caldera and sector collapse, and erosional events are also simulated. Based on older widely distributed versions of ERUPT, Erupt3 is now available from RockWare. This new version has greatly enhanced capabilities over earlier versions, much more versatile for teaching and research. It includes more eruption types, 3-D mapping capabilities with display of geological maps and topographic views, detailed stratigraphic views, a customizable user interface, encyclopedic help files, and automatic update utility, to name a few.
Last update is 29 January 2014.

Click to go to the Heat page Heat3D: A multithreaded, 3-D, heterogeneous, heat flow simulator, useful for modeling magma chamber evolution.
Last update is 4 February 2014.

Click to go to the Magma page Magma: A program to calculate the IUGS volcanic rock classification, CIPW norms, viscosity, and density of magmatic silicate liquids from chemical composition and temperature.
Last update is 26 November 2013.

Click to go to the NoteTime page NoteTime: This desktop application adds a number of useful desktop applets including a toolbar, calendar, alarm, internet time control, midi player, and control of your system screen saver with hot corners, screen saver shuffle, and energy-saving screen blank, and password delay after a user-specified timer interval. Included applications reside in the system tray for rapid access are:
Last update is 26 November 2013.

  PHM is designed to model the energetics of PHreatoMagmatic eruptions. With controls for water/magma ratios, initial pressures and temperatures, and sediment content, the program uses a complementary steam-table lookup program that gives NBS/NRC steam table values required for this somewhat involved thermodynamic calculation.
Last update is 26 November 2013.

  PhotoPrint is application designed for printing digital images to make full use of photo paper. Providing thumbnails of all images in a selected folder, the user simply selects them to drag/click them on to the page template where they can be sized, cropped, rotated, and enhanced with a number of image tools. Rather than being limited to pre-designed templates of photo spacing and size, PhotoPrint is completely user controlled. Among a number of other display options, images can be displayed as a slide show.
Last update is 26 November 2013.

Click to go to the SFT page SFT is a graphical application designed to invert particle size data to find size distribution parameters of lognormal, sequential fragmentation, or sequential fragmentation/transport models, the latter two providing information about the fragmentation/transport origins of the sample (Wohletz et al., 1989, Jour Geophys Res 94: 15703-15721).
Last update is 26 November 2013.


No longer available:

KWConnect: A small application that runs in the Windows system tray for one-click connections to your dial-up ISP provider, this program can monitor your connection with options to (1) create activity a specified intervals to prevent disconnection by inactivity; (2) to refresh the connection after a specified time so that you will not exceed your permitted time for being online; and (3) automatically start or stop your connection at a specified time.
Last update is 7 September 2004.

Click to download QuickDrawKWDraw: A simple graphics creator and editor for Windows™ (32-bit), useful for manipulating graphics created by Erupt, SFT, Heat, and DigiMap. It can be used on several common Windows graphics file formats. This program does not have a help file yet, but can be easily used with experimentation.
Last update is 20 October 2005.

Click to go to the RealTuner page RealTuner is a radio-like interface for your RealAudio RealOne and Windows Media players to facilitate rapid tuning of predefined live broadcasts on the internet.
Last update is 7 September 2004.

  SlideSaver is a 32-bit screen saver that plays back all images in a selected folder as a slideshow. Configurable while it is active, the user can control how the images are displayed and select midi-music to play along with the show from any selected folder with volume control.
Last update is 7 September 2004.

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