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New Moon: Sagittarius  November 22 to December 21, 2014

Uranus Square Pluto   Have another hit on December 14, 2014

Saturn enters Sagittarius  December 23, 2014

Current Solar Eclipse Cycle in Scorpio  October 23, 2014 to March 20, 2015

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New Moon November 22, 2014 to December 21 2014

The New Moon on November 22 happens in the first degree of Sagittarius. This brings out the qualities and symbolism of Sagittarius for the following Lunar Month. New beginnings and increased activities involving travel, religion, in-laws, grandchildren and politics are all part of the Sagittarian experience. Sagittarius is the Sign of adventure and expanded  horizons. Philosophy and higher knowledge fall under its domain. The laws of man, as well as the Laws of God, are tied to Sagittarius. Wherever Sagittarius is in your horoscope shows where you can relate to the larger world and can attain a greater perspective on life through new experiences.

Where is this New Moon in Your Horoscope?

The New Moon cycle lasts until the next New Moon. This cycle is known as the Lunar Month and is good for "new beginnings" that relate to the Sign. This Sagittarian New Moon will influence our lives until the next new moon on December 21, 2014. Each of us feel the influences of the new moon in the area of our individual horoscope in which it occurs. Its position in your chart each month shows in some symbolic way what area of life to look for the most activity and where to plant the symbolic "seeds" for future growth.


There are two basic birth charts we look at in astrology. One is the solar chart and is based on our Sun Sign. This interpretation looks at everything from our individual Sun's point of view. Therefore, it gives a reading based more on the inner personality or "spirit".

The natal chart is based on the degree of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at the exact moment and place of birth. This degree is called your Ascendant. This natal chart is earth oriented and based on the outer or physical personality. This chart is more helpful in dealing with "life here on earth".

When looking at most "Sun Sign" type readings (like this), you should use your Ascendant (if you know it) as well as your Sun sign. If you don't know your Ascendant, drop me a note with your birth info (exact time, place and birth date) and I'd be glad to let you know for free.



Current Lunar Month Sagittarius

November 22 until December 21, 2014


Aries - Sagittarius is the 9th Sign and it rules your horoscope's 9th House. It is time to express your freedom and expand your horizons. Long distant travel, a closeness to nature, higher knowledge and the laws of man and the Laws of God all fall under the rulership of Sagittarius. During this lunar month you may take a college class or some correspondence course. Long distant obligations and activities are important. You are likely to have some interaction with outdoorsmen, professors, ministers, travelers, foreigners, publishers, in-laws or lawyers. Your relationships and experiences with these type people are accented more during this Sagittarian lunar month.


Taurus - The 8th House is Scorpio in nature and involves transformation and regeneration. When combined with Sagittarius, transformation and rebirth come through your ability to share your knowledge and experiences with others. The new moon here in the 8th House emphasizes your interpersonal relationships with others, including sex, as well as financial wheeling and dealing. Psychic connections and a sense of deja vu is stronger now. Interest in reincarnation or other life and death philosophies is more likely. Karmic interaction with others is accented, so take notice of those you meet during this lunar month - especially foreigners, in-laws and all Sagittarian type people. 


Gemini - The New Moon in your Sagittarian 7th House is all about relationships. It has to do with opponents and complimentary opposites. This area encompasses best partners, best friends, best lovers, as well as best opponents and even best enemies. Because it is your opposite Sign, your relations with these people are Sagittarian in nature. In other words, you are likely to socialize with, or attract, foreigners or "long distant" people. It also suggests more one on one associations with lawyers, judges, professors or religious people. You may feel like a lot of these people are being contrary, but these are just the kind you signed up to be with in this life! Your mantra this lunar month should involve balance, harmony and diplomacy.


Cancer - The 6th House is your Sagittarius House. This is where you deal with health and service related activities. Service and health may involve in-laws or long distant locations. It may be that your work or health puts you in touch with institutions of higher learning, religion or law. Work or health may require a long distant trip or outdoor activities. Weather could be a hindrance of some kind. Freedom, expansion and opportunities can come through the service you perform or through health related activities. Liver and hips are areas of concern in the body, as is the temptation to over-indulge. All this 6th House Sagittarian symbolism is part of your natural make-up, but it should be more important during this lunar month.



Leo - With Sagittarius on your 5th House cusp, you are ready to have fun and let the creative juices flow. Children in your life and your relationships with them are accented. The child side of your own personality needs to express itself in some way - maybe through travel or outdoor activities. The Sagittarian influence suggests politics, religion or foreign influences may be tied to your creativity and children. Children and/or grandchildren may travel to see you or you may travel to see them during this New Moon cycle that ends on December 21.


Virgo - The New Moon is in your Sagittarian 4th House. This area is about your home base and the domestic side of life. Sagittarian type people and events are drawn to your home now. You may have foreigners, religious people or in-laws in the home. College people from the past or legal situations may affect your home in some way. Your mother's education, religion or politics are more important. This is a good time to investigate foreign influences on your family or your past. Genealogy and distant countries are accentuated. Travel may involve mother, family or in-laws.

Libra - Sagittarius is on the cusp of your 3rd House. This puts the accent on communication, education and transportation. This is a good time to get out of the house or the neighborhood or maybe even the country. It's time for a road trip. Travel, expansion and personal freedom are on your mind. This area of the horoscope has to do with those who are close to you or "local" in some way. Combined with Sagittarius, you may travel to see relatives, siblings and neighbors or they may travel to you during this lunar cycle. You could be involved in community activities or active in the local church or political scene.

Scorpio - With Sagittarius on your 2nd House, your values and personal worth is tied to beliefs, philosophy, politics and religion. The emphasis is on higher knowledge where your own personal resources are concerned. Sagittarian type people have a strong influence on your possessions and finances. The value you put on travel and freedom is accented this lunar month. Money and possessions  are likely to come through long distances, foreigners and travel. At this time of year, you tend to spend and/or receive money or goods through long distances, travel, in-laws or higher education.

Sagittarius - This is your time of the year as the Sun moves through your 1st House. You are inspired to come out of your cave and be more sociable. It is time to expand your horizons and join the world. Your religious, political or philosophical side is activated now and you need to express your personal beliefs in some way. Your love of travel, freedom and nature need an outlet now as well. The last few weeks before your birthday were likely very emotional and intense. Celebrate your birthday like it's New Year's day and look to the future for new experiences. 

Capricorn - Sagittarius lives in your 12th House and requires sacrifice on your part. You need to relate to other people's ideas and ideals in a very spiritual way. Karmic relationships are very important to your personal growth and spiritual development this lunar month. Secrets, sorrows or mysteries involving in-laws, religion, politics, travel and other people's vehicles are part of this New Moon energy. The month before your birthday can be a difficult time. You may be required to sacrifice for others or serve others from behind the scenes or in a volunteer type situation. You may be drawn to nature at this time for isolation and meditation. Sacrifices may involve religion, politics or education.

Aquarius - With Sagittarius on your 11th House of groups, organizations and friends, you are naturally an outgoing, optimistic person. You can travel with friends or your friends may be foreign or long distant in some way. You may have Sagittarian type friends or those who are into outdoor activities, travel, religion, philosophy or politics. Friends may be involved with higher education, the legal profession or long distant transportation. The Sagittarian New Moon cycle will bring these type people into your life more than usual.

Pisces - Sagittarius rules your 10th House. Prestige and honor come through nature, travel, freedom, foreign dealings or education. With the symbolism of Sagittarius, you could receive notoriety as a politician, a professor, a religious leader or something in the field of publishing. Your career or fame could be tied to travel, foreign affairs or outdoor activities. These are all traits of the Sagittarius archetype.  As this new moon cycle kicks in, you are likely to rub shoulders with some very powerful people. This is the time of year you can gain "fame" points from your interaction with authorities or by taking the lead yourself.


 Scorpio Solar Eclipse

October 23, 2014 to  March 20 2015

On October 23rd the Sun and Moon come together at 0 degrees 25 minutes of Scorpio to create the second Solar Eclipse of 2014. If you are born close to this date or have important points in your horoscope around this degree, you will feel its effects more intensely. As with any Solar Eclipse, its astrological effects will begin to "kick in" around the full moon two weeks before the actual eclipse. Its effects will be felt for about 6 months. That puts the beginning of this Solar Eclipse cycle on October 8th, and it will last until the Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015.

The Last Scorpio Eclipse Cycle

This is the last of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse cycles for a while. There has been a Solar Eclipse in the Sign Scorpio every year for the last three years. Saturn has also been moving through Scorpio since Oct 5, 2012. This means that we have all been more involved in Scorpio symbolism in our lives especially during the fall and winters of 2012, 2013 and 2014. In a general way, we have all been dealing with  a period of transformation. We are coming to an end of a 21/2 year Saturn cycle that coincides with this last Solar Eclipse cycle.

Most people will feel these Scorpio energies in a very personal way and others will project it and see it through friends and family. Scorpio has to do with the death and rebirth symbolism. It is the Sign of "sex, death and taxes". Symbolically, "sex" is about joining together with someone else and producing a "win/win" situation. Procreation being a big part of the power of Scorpio. "Death" and rebirth brings in the power to take something old or broken and fix it. Doctors, surgeons, mechanics and anyone who fixes things have this Scorpio power. "Taxes" symbolizes our shared financial responsibilities to others. This includes all financial institutions like banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, the IRS, etc.

This Scorpio Eclipse cycles brings about deep, powerful, intense changes that can take us to emotional extremes. It can bring us closer to some kind of life and death experience - either real or symbolic. Financial changes, inheritance, joint finances, taxes and shared resources are all tied to this 2 1/2 year Saturn in Scorpio cycle. This is a good time to get straight with the IRS or with other financial responsibilities. This can also be a great time to refurbish or restore something broken or "dead".

Scorpio Solar Eclipse Conjunct Venus

This Scorpio Solar Eclipse adds a special twist due to it's conjunction with Venus. Venus rules Taurus and Libra and is about attraction and accumulation. Through Taurus, Venus attracts money, luxuries and valuable possessions, Through Libra, it attracts people, relationships and love. Scorpio can encourage a time to join together with others and collaborate on joint concerns. The Venus influence can bring about beautiful transformations.  Gain through restoration and rehabilitation. This can be beneficial for dealing with psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors in general. Financial counseling is more positive now and can transform your life. Always remembering that Scorpio is not necessarily easy. It requires a transformation (death and rebirth) and needs a true commitment. Now, over the next 6 months, is the time to join together in collaboration or cut ties completely.

The Next 6 Months

As we move into the Scorpio Solar Eclipse cycle, we will begin to feel its north node (Dharmic) effects in the Sign Scorpio. For some, this gives the opportunity to transform some area of life - a sort of death and rebirth phase in our lives. Some part of our life needs to be fixed, and now is the time to fix it or let it go completely. It can mean dealing with the death of someone or something, but it will most likely be symbolic. For many, it will involve inheritance type experiences. Financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and the IRS represent the Scorpio symbolism and may play a part in some personal transformation.

This Scorpio Solar Eclipse indicates the end of the previous Taurus Solar Eclipse cycle that represented the power and pain of new growth, accumulation and personal re-evaluation. This Scorpio Eclipse cycle begins a new 6 month cycle of financial and personal wheeling and dealing. This Scorpio Solar Eclipse gives the opportunity for growth through "endings" or new shared or joint experiences. It's time to let go or "get on board".

Where is this Scorpio Eclipse in Your Horoscope?

Solar Eclipse cycles generally last about 6 months. This Scorpio Solar Eclipse will influence our lives until the next Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 20, 2015. Each of us will feel its effect in the area of our horoscope in which it occurs. Its position in your chart shows in some symbolic way what area of life needs some adjustment or transformation.


There are two basic birth charts we look at in astrology. One is the solar chart and is based on our Sun Sign. This interpretation looks at everything from our individual Sun's point of view. Therefore, it gives a reading based more on the inner personality or "spirit".

The natal chart is based on the degree of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at the exact moment and place of birth. This degree is called your Ascendant. This natal chart is earth oriented and based on the outer or physical personality. This chart is more helpful in dealing with "life here on earth".

When looking at most "Sun Sign" type readings (like this), you should use your Ascendant (if you know it) as well as your Sun sign. If you don't know your Ascendant, drop me a note with your birth info (exact time, place and birth date) and I'd be glad to let you know for free.


ARIES - You have Scorpio on your 8th House cusp. This area of the horoscope has to do with secrets, financial wheeling and dealing, other people's resources and all death and rebirth symbolism. The 8th House rules over sharing and joining resources with others. It covers things like sex, death, taxes, inheritances and all financial institutions. When you add the meaning of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse, you can experience transformation through a death and rebirth symbolism. You may have to deal with possessions or inheritance of other people. It could be a time to let go or end some deal that involves inheritance, banks, insurance or taxes. You could sell something that involves joint ownership. This can also be a more psychic time in your life and the eclipse may tend to stir up highly karmic conditions.

TAURUS - The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is in your 7th House and is all about relationships and partners for the next 6 months or so. This may be good for dealing with professional sales people, as long as everything is "by the book". Partners or social contacts may be involved in Scorpio things like financial institutions, death and rebirth symbolism, the paranormal or maybe some joint enterprise or collaboration. You may attract intense emotions from other people in your life. Sexual relationships are more likely. Secretive, mysterious or karmic connections with others are possible during this 6 month Scorpio cycle. Expect to see your relationships going through deep and serious transformations. During this 6 month eclipse cycle your partner or other Scorpio type people in your personal life may go through some intense transitions or even meltdowns that relate to death or their finances.

GEMINI - The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is in your 6th House of health and service related activities. This means that on some level you always relate Scorpio to your work, health or those who serve you. It may be that you work at some research or repair type job. You may be a counselor or therapist. You could work in insurance, banking or some other financial institution. These type things are likely to be accented in the "work/service" arena. Maybe you'll just use restaurants and other places of "service" to engage in counseling or business meetings with others more during this 6 month eclipse cycle. You may work with businesses that are tied to Scorpio type things like death, resale, restoration, the "underground", mysteries, or some kind of detective work. The work you do and those you meet through work will bring the greatest transformations through March 20, 2015.




CANCER - Like you, Scorpio is a Water Sign and it falls on your 5th House cusp. This area of the chart symbolizes the child of the mind as well as the child of the body. This Solar Eclipse may provide you with some needed transformation where your creativity is concerned. For some, it could mean the news of other people's children and pregnancies. It could be inspiration to do something in life that is dramatic, instructive and transformative. The 5th House Scorpio vibration is tied to the creative expression and other people. It's natural for a Cancer to express their artistic or creative side in an emotional outlet. This could involve entertaining others in a sensitive emotional way like through music, poetry or song. Fun, recreation, creativity, gambling, speculation and children are tied to sharing. Joining with children can be a very powerful, positive, transformational time that will last until March 20, 2015.

LEO - You have Scorpio ruling your 4th House, and therefore you project its symbolism to the "mother" side of life. This has to with the home, real estate and everything domestic. You may buy, sell or transform your home. You may see your mother (or parent figure) involved in Scorpio type things like death and rebirth, transformation, sharing and other people's resources. She may be involved with counselors, therapists or psychics. This parent could be involved in financial institutions, insurance or buying and selling. Family or parent's possessions could be more important to you now. They may be tied to your ability to share. Some transformational or death and rebirth type of energy is now influencing this area of your life until March 20, 2015. You need to share your family or your "home base". In some symbolic way, you may say goodbye to the security of the home or the "mother".

VIRGO - Scorpio rules your 3rd House which is Gemini in nature. Joining or sharing resources with sisters, brothers or neighbors is more important now. You have something "shared" in common. With the Solar Eclipse here, the people "closest" are crucial in your life for some reason. You have 6 months to take care of it. Transform, make a deal or let go. Counseling is a Scorpio trait and may be tied to these people who are "close" to you. During this eclipse cycle you may deal more with the local money people, like bankers, insurance, taxation, etc. You are likely to hear of a death that is close, like in the extended family or in the neighborhood. It may be the "death" of a vehicle. The Scorpio influence is directed toward your community and those who are close, like best friends. These people could be going through intense emotional stuff - sex, scandal, manipulation or dealing with death are possibilities. Sharing with others can be cathartic.

LIBRA - The Scorpio Eclipse in your 2nd House puts the emphasis on shared finances, shared possessions and shared purchases. Are you ready to join completely or cut some valuable ties? This interaction represents a very karmic connection. This can be a great time to collaborate with someone. You are an expert at gaining through other people's resources, but sharing is the key. Your personal worth and basic values are tied to your ability to share. You can make money through trade, barter, other people's possessions and joint ventures. You could gain from financial institutions, taxes or insurance. You can benefit through death and rebirth symbolism like restoration or repairing. You can even gain from the goods of the dead like inheritance or antiquity. With the Solar Eclipse here in the 2nd House, significant opportunities for financial growth and transformation are likely through March 20, 2015.

SCORPIO - This eclipse energy is all about your Sign, and therefore brings with it a 1st House symbolism which is everything that is most personal to you. During this Solar Eclipse cycle, you are likely to experience a personal transformation of some kind. This may involve someone very close to you. It may involve the two opposing sides of Scorpio symbolism. That of joining, sharing and becoming one with another person. At the same time, you might be ending some chapter in your life and beginning a new one. It may have to do with sharing and could be part of this transition. You could be significantly affected by this eclipse, or you could be an instrument for spreading some of this transformational energy out to others. You are seen more as the counselor, the banker or the detective.

SAGITTARIUS - The Scorpio Solar Eclipse is in your 12th house which has to do with personal humility, compassion, self sacrifice, and to some extent, the spiritual world. Other people's work, health or pets may also play a part in this 6 month cycle that begins on October 23, 2014 and lasts until March 20, 2015. Your inner guides are activated by this eclipse. This is a time to deal more with the spiritual side. Your dream state and psychic abilities are very powerful now. Your personal karma is at work. It involves close emotional relationships with others. Scorpio people in your life will be accented. If these people and their issues have not been dealt with properly, they are likely to come back to haunt you. But at the same time, your "guardian angel" is there to help guide you through the storm. You need to be sensitive to things pertaining to other people's problems and its a good time to volunteer or visit someone in the hospital.

CAPRICORN - The Scorpio Solar Eclipse will stir things up in your 11th House until the next Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015. The 11th House is traditionally known as "groups, organizations and friends" along with "hopes and wishes for the future". It encompasses New Age philosophy, astrology, and all science, technology and networks. When combined with the Scorpio Solar Eclipse, it has to do with future plans concerning joint ownership or shared resources. Some of these plans for the future may relate to death and rebirth symbolism. Friends may undergo intense transformational (death) experiences on their own. A friend may require counseling or could be a counselor for you. Financial and other Interpersonal relationships with friends are important. Some personal transformation could occur due to groups, organizations or friends.

AQUARIUS - In the 10th House of the chart, the Scorpio Eclipse emphasizes honor, prestige and career. This can be a positive time if you are ambitious and have been following the rules. It can be a time of powerful transformation and career opportunities. Honor and prestige may come from your ability to transcend or transform. Your ability to counsel, to discover things that are hidden and to govern others may increase your notoriety or somehow put you in the limelight. You may take on responsibility for people's problems. Avoid illegal activities with others. If you've worked hard and followed the rules in the past, then this can be a time for accolades and honor. If you've taken shortcuts or have been dishonorable, then this eclipse cycle can help to balance your Karma.

PISCES - The Scorpio Solar Eclipse happens in your 9th House, and therefore can bring a deep transformation to your higher, more philosophical side of life. This could involve changes to your religion, your politics or your attitude toward the legal system. For Pisces, this area of the chart combines all Scorpio things with 9th House symbolism like education, long distances, lawyers, in-laws, foreigners and grandchildren. The eclipse suggests something very powerful or fated is happening and it might require traveling with someone else or sharing with foreigners. Travel might involve inheritance, shared resources or other people's possessions. Long distance or legal financial stuff is possible. You might experience a symbolic death and rebirth through in-laws, lawyers, religious or political leaders.





Uranus Square Pluto

The Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn aspect is still affecting us all. Together they will make 7 exact hits before they separate completely from this tense square (90 degree angle) set of aspects. After March 16, 2015 the next set of Uranus square Pluto aspects begins in April of 2073.

Even though there are 7 direct hits due to their individual retrograde cycles, we will feel the effects of this powerful aspect on and off throughout this period between June 2012 and March 2015. Uranus in Aries symbolizes a push for change, while Pluto in Capricorn indicates death and rebirth where structures in life are concerned. Whether these changes and transformations are willing or forced, they will bring times of great nervous tension and literal or symbolic death and rebirth depending on where they occur in our individual horoscopes.

Uranus Square Pluto and "Obama Care"

Uranus is the planet of opposition, breakups and rebellion. It rules groups and organizations as well as computers, networks and the internet. Since Pluto rules insurance and other people's resources, this seems to fit the "Obama Care" fiasco. In June of 2012 at the time of the first hit, the opposition from the right were dealt a blow from Supreme Court when Chief Justice Roberts declared Obama Care legal. Since then as this aspect becomes exact again and again, there have been, and will probably be more attempts to destroy it by the opposition from the extreme right like, those in the Tea Party. Around the exact hit on November 1, 2013 Obama Care seemed like it would be consumed in its own ashes due to the website debacle. Now as the rollout on January seems to be going better, and the far right is in the smoldering mode, it will be interesting to see what kind of excitement we will see around April 22, 2014 which is the next hit and combines squares and oppositions to Jupiter and Mars. Will the December 15, 2014 hit be terrorism, rebellion, racial tension or more tension involving healthcare, insurance and financial institutions. The deadline to sign up for 2015 Obama Care happens to be Monday, December 15, 2014!


Saturn in Sagittarius

December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017

Saturn begins it's transit of the Sign Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and remains until December 19, 2017. Saturn takes approximately 29 years to circle the Zodiac. The last time it entered Sagittarius was November 1985. Everything related to Saturn will begin to take on a Sagittarian influence.

Saturn rules the cold, ice and crystallization. Sagittarius rules outdoors, mother nature and the weather. Many may be dealing more with snow and cold weather over the next 3 years. Efforts to control the weather could be accented. Limitations due to weather restrictions are more likely.

Saturn is the Planet of fear, control, discipline, responsibility, authority figures and leadership. Sagittarius is the Sign of expansion, freedom, travel, foreign people and places, laws, religion, politics and idealism. This seems to say that we should be prepared over the next 3 years for more control, restriction or fear where travel is concerned. The laws of man as well as the Laws of God are likely to be more restrictive or controlling. The fear of foreigners and travelers makes sense in light of the Ebola fears and terror threats. This also includes fear and distrust of law enforcement, the legal system and prejudicial authority figures in general. Control issues relating to racial, religious and political fundamentalism. Control issues and restrictions are tied to prejudice. Of course, Al Qaeda, ISIL and the Islamic State are all about this kind of religious intolerance and absolute control, but there are many others who could be put in that same category.

Sagittarius rules over institutes of higher learning as well as religious institutions, so this Saturn transit brings restrictions, limitations and more control for these type organizations. More rules and conditions for travel and immigration. "It's no fun, being an illegal alien."

Where is transiting Saturn in Your Chart

ARIES people will feel the pressure to get out more and experience life. Responsibilities may focus on travel, politics, religion, foreign elements and higher education. The legal system is accented and may require discipline or leadership on your part. Saturn encourages us to follow the rules, or else! So, take extra care when traveling and keep a close eye on the weather, especially ice and snow.

TAURUS type people



When Saturn was in Scorpio

October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014

Saturn goes into Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and remains the for about two and a half years. Saturn takes approximately 29 years to circle the Zodiac. The last time it entered Scorpio was November 1982. Everything related to Saturn will begin to take on a Scorpio influence.

Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and will remain there until December 23, 2014. Saturn is the teacher and the strict disciplinarian. It is tied to karma and life's tougher lessons. It is about control, discipline, following the rules and personal responsibilities. Scorpio is about other people's resources and sharing. This suggests businesses and governments joining together or collaborating on specific goals. On a personal level, we must all get serious where sharing, joining or transforming our relationships with others is concerned.

Scorpio is the Sign of banks, insurance companies, inheritance and all forms of financial wheeling and dealing. Saturn in Scorpio indicates more government control over these kind of financial institutions. It means that inheritance and other tax laws are likely to become more strict or burdensome. It's time to get serious or more ambitious about some financial aspect of our lives depending on where Scorpio is in your chart.

Scorpio rules sex and all interpersonal relationships. The last time Saturn entered Scorpio, AIDS became a household word and the fear of sex began in a big way. Maybe this time it will mean control over STDs or will it bring something worse than AIDS?

Scorpio deals with the symbolism of death and rebirth and in some Zodiacs it is depicted as the Phoenix bird rising from its own ashes. Scorpio also has to do with waste and elimination. As Saturn moves into Scorpio, we are likely to see a push for more restrictions or control on waste and waste products. On the other hand, this is an excellent time for new businesses that have to do with re-cycling, restoration and waste management. There may be new laws and businesses regarding funerals, burials, cremation and other things involving death. Businesses that relate to the afterlife, reincarnation, ghosts and the spiritual or psychic world are accented. Heavy burdens that involve waste and death are likely during this cycle. The remains of refuse and trash from the Japanese earthquake/tsunami are beginning to hit the US west coast. This is symbolic of the kind of things we will hear about more during this Saturn in Scorpio cycle.

Mutual Reception

When Saturn enters Scorpio, a long 15 year cycle that started January 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn is reinforced by what is called a mutual reception. This occurs when 2 Planets occupy the Sign of the other. In this case, Pluto has moved into Capricorn, the Sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturn moves into Scorpio on October 5th, the Sign ruled by Pluto. This increases the "cooperation" between the 2 Planets. Cooperation between 2 malefic Planets can be positive or negative, but usually requires some pain. Just as Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, moved into Capricorn, Benazir Bhutto, a popular political leader (Capricorn) who was running for president in Pakistan, was assassinated (Pluto) by a local terrorist (Pluto) group, and a couple weeks later the first black (Capricorn) US president took power (Pluto) in this country. Pluto in Capricorn can also be associated with things like the death of Osama Bin Ladin and what's become known as the "Arab Spring", which brought about upheaval throughout the region and the downfall of many totalitarian governments and their leaders. When Saturn enters Scorpio, we can expect these kinds of energies to be intensified for the next couple of years.

Scorpio Solar Eclipse

What seems to really set this long Saturn in Scorpio cycle in motion is the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November 13, 2012. The affects of this Solar Eclipse cycle will begin to be felt around the full moon on October 29, 2012, and will last until the next Solar Eclipse on May 9, 2013. The solar eclipse cycle, like the monthly new moon cycle, represents a period of new beginnings and increased focus or activity in all things related to the Sign and House in which it occurs. When the new moon is a solar eclipse, there is an added intensity which can bring deep changes, transformation and a "death and rebirth" type energy that usually remains in effect for about 6 months. Eclipses, like any transit, are more powerful when they join an important point in your horoscope. Even if it makes no contacts, you will feel its effect from the Sign and House in which it occurs. This Solar Eclipse emphasizes everything related to Scorpio. Wherever you have 21 degrees of Scorpio shows how and where this Solar Eclipse will affect you, and is likely to be the trigger that opens the show for Saturn's 2 year transit through Scorpio.

Where is Scorpio in Your Chart

ARIES - All of this Scorpio activity occurs in your 8th House. The 8th House represents the same basic energy as the 8th Sign, Scorpio and relates to the cycle of generation, degeneration and regeneration. It is the time to cut old ties and establish new ones. Scorpio is also about sharing and other people's resources. Therefore, this will emphasize all financial wheeling and dealing, joint endeavors and business collaborations. Scorpio also brings out the "death and rebirth" symbolism in some karmic way. Scorpio here intensifies your psychic side. Your interest in the afterlife or reincarnation is heightened by this 8th House activity. You may have to actually deal with death in a personal way, but usually it represents a symbolic death and rebirth. It is a time to let go completely or transform some aspect of your life.

TAURUS - Scorpio is on your 7th House. This has to do with relationships. It can be partners in life as well as opponents or competitors. Taurus normally projects this Scorpio energy onto other people. Therefore, the people you attract into your life are likely to be involved with other people's resources in some serious way. Your partner may be a therapist or deal with some kind of counseling. With Saturn moving in, you could form a business partnership or some other serious relationship with someone. This is a good time to collaborate with others in some business venture. For Taurus, the lessons of Saturn in Scorpio concern sharing with partners. On another level, this may bring about a transformation or some "death and rebirth" type energy where relationships are concerned. For some, it could be divorce or dealing with actual death through partners.

GEMINI - Scorpio rules your 6th House of service. This includes work, health, pets and people who serve you. Saturn adds seriousness or more responsibilities where these things are concerned. You may require the services of professional counselors, insurance people or bankers. Sales people may be of service to you or you may work in some kind of sales related job. Dealing with things below the surface like plumbing, septic tanks, backhoes, surgery or research would also fit this energy. It may be a time to say goodbye to pets or co-workers. Work or problems in life may require letting go of things. This would be a good time to barter with others - trade for services rendered. You may gain through some kind of "inheritance" at work. Saturn is about building so you may be involved in some restoration project.

CANCER - Scorpio is a water Sign like Cancer, and it rules your 5th House of creativity and creations. Things regarding Scorpio should flow smoothly for you, but at the same time may still be painful. Your ability to take something old and bring it back to life in a creative way is being accented. With Saturn moving into your 5th House, your art or your creativity is more serious. The business of art or performance is accented through partners or other people. Children as authority figures or more responsibility where children are concerned are both part of this 5th House Saturn transit.

LEO - Scorpio is on your 4th House which has to do with the home base and the past. It rules over the "mother" side of life. Saturn moving into your Scorpio 4th House says it's time to take more responsibility or deal in a serious way with some kind of domestic transformation. This may pertain to the mother or matriarchs in your life. For some, it will be saying goodbye to the home, family or mother. This can indicate selling a house, simplifying the home or downsizing. On the other hand it could mean that you are bringing a "dead" home back to life through construction. You may be more responsible for other people's homes, land or their family. You may be involved in the business of real estate or have a business in the home. You may move into a more austere or business type of environment.

VIRGO - Saturn is moving through your Scorpio 3rd House and brings with it more responsibility where siblings and the community are concerned. Saturn in Scorpio would be good for refurbishing or customizing your car. You may take on responsibility for other people's transportation. For some, a career move or a more serious attitude may turn toward communication, education or transportation. Business may involve the community more, or you may take on responsibilities involving children's education or transportation. You may be more interested in "things below the surface". This could be anything from psychology, psychiatry and paranormal subjects to spelunking, archaeology and detective or mystery novels. Saturn moves through Scorpio until December 23, 2014.

LIBRA - The 2nd House of the horoscope is about our personal resources. This includes money and possessions as well as values and self worth. With Scorpio here, your resources are often tied to other people's resources. You are good at joining and sharing with others. There is a "death and rebirth" symbolism associated with Scorpio. You have a way of taking something used and bringing life and value back to it. You may collect antiques or inherit from others. Saturn in your 2nd House for the next couple of years indicates a more serious or business attitude toward your personal finances and your financial dealings with others. Saturn has to do with following the rules, being careful and taking a more conservative attitude toward finances. Some Libras will benefit through their partners resources. It can also mean more responsibilities where other people's money or possessions are concerned. This is likely to involve home, family or mother.

SCORPIO - As Saturn moves into your Sign, you will become more responsible or disciplined. You may be seen as the rebuilder, or the authority figure who comes in to transform or restore order. Your nature to share or to join with others should take a serious, more businesslike direction. You are likely to take on more responsibility in something that involves counseling, therapy or other people's resources. Since Saturn rules your 3rd House, personal obligations may involve communication, education or transportation. You may be called upon to take more responsibility in the community or to become a spokesperson for those around you. You could be in charge of sibling's resources or you may have to share certain responsibilities with siblings. These duties or obligations could involve death or inheritance.

SAGITTARIUS - Scorpio is on your 12th House. This is where we deal with karma. Your karmic lessons have to do with joint resources and sharing. Now is the time to benefit from your past dealings with others or pay the price for past financial transgressions. Your dealings with other people's resources could be a source of sorrow or sacrifice. Saturn here says it's time to be more conservative or even tough on others when it comes to you paying their way. Other people's health, work and pets are apt to be potential areas of sacrifice. Partner's health may relate to problems with prostrate, reproductive organs and or the process of elimination. Saturn in the 12th House gives an interest in things that are more spiritual, hidden or metaphysical in nature. Dealing with the "real" world or business is not high on your priority list now. It is likely that you will be ending some phase of your career over the next 2 or 3 years.

CAPRICORN - Saturn is Capricorn's ruling Planet, so you will feel this transformation in a more personal way. It happens in your 11th House of groups, friends and the future. With Saturn here, these areas of your life should be more important in a serious or business way. You may be in charge of some organization or group, or you may join together with groups or friends in some business venture. You may be called upon to deal with the resources of your friends. You may be in charge of group finances or joint possessions. This is a time of planning and building for the future, and with Scorpio here it may require some symbolic death and rebirth. Astrology teaches that friends have a lot to do with our future. Changes in friends relate to our own future hopes and dreams. Friends may take a more serious or ambitious attitude and their plans may involve you.

AQUARIUS - Saturn has reached the very top of your chart, the 10th House cusp. Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th House of the horoscope and therefore gives great potential if you are ready to take on more responsibility and be in charge. Saturn demands control, discipline and personal responsibility. As it transits through this most powerful position for the next 2 years or so, your career is accented in a big way. This usually means that your leadership qualities are tested. If you avoid responsibility, you may be forced to deal with it. On some level it involves issues with the father. You will either be in charge of other people's money, possessions or their personal resources, or you will be dealing with these kinds of professionals. Career moves also have to do with these Scorpio things. There may be a death and rebirth symbolism in your career. Your business may have more to do with reclamation, repairing, restoration or waste. Scorpio is the counselor, so you may be seen as the therapist, psychiatrist, or some other advisor. You may require the skills of these kind of authority figures during this 2 year run of Saturn in Scorpio.

PISCES - Saturn moves into your Scorpio 9th House and gives a more serious or responsible attitude toward expanding your horizons. This can be increased responsibilities or more personal discipline where travel, philosophy, publishing and higher education is concerned. Business may be tied more to these things now. Saturn rules your 11th House of friends, so in some way there is a seriousness or some limitation regarding long distant friends. Serious transformations are taking place regarding all of these things. Legal authority figures may be more important during this transit. This would advise you to "follow the rules" or be more careful when dealing with legal matters for the next 2 years or so. This is especially true when traveling. From another perspective this transit could be good for dealing with long distant sales or publishing. An internet based business with a pseudonym might fit your personality well. You might join together in a serious way with foreigners or long distant friends or groups.


Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn on the January 25, 2008. Through it's normal periodic retrograde motion it moved back into Sagittarius on June 13, 2008. On November 26, 2008 it moved back into Capricorn where it will transit until March 23, 2023. This 15 year transit combines some nasty energies. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and is the god of the underworld. It is the planet of terrorism, mass death, WMD's, financial manipulation, the devil and all other under worldly type characters. Capricorn is the sign of governments, leaders, big corporations, ambition, and control. When you combine these two qualities, you get some pretty scary situations and players in world politics.

On the other hand, Pluto represents power and Capricorn rules the color "black". It doesn't take much to see this as "black power". Here in the US we are seeing that symbolism take place in a hopefully positive way with the historic election of a Barack Obama. It is interesting that the last time this transit occurred, the US became a country. Therefore, this transit represents a very fated period in time for this country. This idea of black power and powerful black leaders should be more prevalent in the world during Pluto's transit through Capricorn.

Financial manipulation is much easier to comprehend now that we can watch the "big collapse" live on TV every hour, on the hour. Then, there is the obsession by many with the "one world government" fear and that "mark of the beast" thing, which is now beginning to look more and more likely. Unless we all belong to their club, we won't be able to buy, sell or trade. There is some extremely high level wheeling and dealing going on between world financial leaders now as we dig our way out of the financial collapse promised by Osama Bin Laden right after 911. I think GWB answered, "bring it on".

The old rules and rulers are about to be transformed. Pluto in Capricorn means a death and rebirth of world structures, foundations and boundaries. Pluto may offer up some extremely dangerous world leaders who are apt to use WMD's without hesitation. This can be a time of assassinations of world leaders and assassinations by world leaders.

We may have been given a hint as to what to expect over the next 15 years. In January when Pluto dipped into Capricorn for a few months, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated while running for a high political office in Pakistan. The following unrest in the country forced then leader Pervez Musharraf to resign peacefully.

Terror may rule or be used by rulers. Underground terror of some kind is more likely. Pluto in Capricorn until 2023/2024 is a time of the volcano, both symbolically and literally.

State sponsored terrorism was common the last time Pluto moved into Capricorn between 1762 and 1778. This was a time of pirates. The USA was "born" during this period - July 4th 1776. The biggest threat to trade was the Barbary Pirates who were backed by North African Moslem countries. It seems this country has had some connection to Islamic terrorism since the beginning.



Mercury retrograde is a cycle that occurs about 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time. It is a time when Mercury appears to slow to a stop over several days and then appears to move backwards in the sky. It means that the symbolism related to Mercury, like communication, information and transportation, has to be "revisited" on some level. Plans that are made while Mercury is retrograde will have to be modified or rewritten. Mail, email, telephone messages, etc. are likely to be areas of confusion or frustration. Things get lost, machines break, light bulbs burn out and anything related to cars can be a source of problems.

The key to using this period in a positive way is to go back to things you've set aside and take a second look. You may be able to see things in a different light and fix past problems that you gave up on before. Go back and edit that unfinished book or document. It is a good time for research and doing the background work on some future project. It seems to be a good time for long distant trips from which you want to return. Just make sure you run through the check list before you leave.

The main thing to remember is that during a Mercury retrograde cycle most things relating to new beginnings will have to undergo some revision or be trashed all together. Whenever possible, avoid finalizing plans or signing important papers during these periods. Traveling or moving during a Mercury retrograde period means you'll come back.

   Upcoming Mercury Retrograde Periods


January 21, 2015 to February 11, 2015

May 18, 2015 to June 11, 2015

September 17, 2015 to October 9, 2015

January 5, 2016 to January 25, 2016

April 28, 2016 to May 22nd

August 30, 2016 to September 21, 2016


How Old is Western Civilization?


Gobekli Tepe is twice as old as the Egyptian pyramids and 7,000 years older than England's Stonehenge.


How Old Is The Zodiac?


How old is the Zodiac we use in western astrology? The oldest book of the Christian Bible is Job. In this book, which includes discussions about fate, free will and Karma, Job presents his argument to God by speaking in astrological terms and mentions the Zodiac (Mazzoroth). The experts put Job to around 1500 BC. That's pretty old, but not even close to the findings of Astronomer, Frank Edge, and his evidence that pushes the origins of the Zodiac back to at least 10,000 BC!

Frank Edge has discovered interesting astrological correlations in the famous cave paintings at Lascaux, France. These paintings show many images of the ancient skies at least 12,000 years ago including the sign, Taurus, as the traditional bull and Gemini as a birdman. To this day, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, "the messenger of the gods". Mercury had wings on his head and wings on his feet. I think you could call him a "bird" man. This proves that the origins of the Western Zodiac are far older than previously thought.

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