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New Moon: Aquarius  February 18 to March 20, 2015

Solar Eclipse Cycle in Pisces  March 20 to September 12, 2015

Uranus Square Pluto   Last hit on March 16, 2015

Saturn enters Sagittarius  December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017

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New Moon February 18, to    March 20, 2015

The last New Moon on January 20, 2015 happened at the 1st degree of Aquarius. This lunar month and New Moon cycle occurs at the 30th degree of Aquarius. The same themes from the last New Moon will continue through this lunar month and should be even more noticeable. This new moon will bring out the qualities and symbolism of Aquarius until the Pisces Eclipse on March 20, 2015.

 Aquarius is the Sign of groups, organizations, friends and all forms of networking. It is the Sign of change and is about science, technology, electronics, the future and everything that is new and modern. It is the progressives and the rebels who want to shock or change the system. It rules earthquakes and earth changes. It wants things to be different. During this cycle, increased activities and new beginnings  should involve these things on a personal level and in the lives of those around you. Computers are accented, especially concerning networks and the internet. In the body, Aquarius rules the lower legs, ankles  and networks in the body - like the nervous system and blood circulation.

Uranus: Ruler of Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. The Uranian/Aquarian symbolism has been infused with the high energy of Aries since March 11, 2011. This was the day that Uranus entered Aries. It was also the day of the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami. We are likely to see more devastating or unexpected earth changes before Uranus moves out of Aries in May 2018. Meanwhile, Aquarians should feel this extra boost of energy in their own lives.

Uranus began its 7 year transit through Aries at the beginning of what came to be called, "The Arab Spring". This was when several North African Arab countries experienced revolutions. It hasn't stopped, as we are still seeing it in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and other Islamic countries. This could bring about more violence from rebel fundamentalist groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram. This need to separate from the old ways or the "establishment" can also be seen in Greece's new leadership and the Ukrainian revolution as it tries to pull away from Russia.

On a more positive note, Aries is the Sign of power, speed and energy. Uranus and Aquarius are about technology, science and electricity. There could be advances in alternative energy such as the perfection of the electric battery. Speed barriers might be broken, or the Large Hadron Collider in Europe may make new discoveries by crashing tiny bits together at very high speeds. There are many ways science and technology can benefit through this combination.

Where is the New Moon in Your Horoscope?

A New Moon cycle usually starts on the New Moon and lasts until the next New Moon. This year we have 2 Aquarian New Moon cycles in a row. Therefore, the Aquarian influence is in effect from January 20 until March 20. During this period, it is good for "new beginnings" and activities that relate to Aquarius. In other words, changes, independence and/or rebellion is in the air. Each of us will feel the influences of the New Moon in the area of the chart in which it occurs. This New Moon is at the last degree of Aquarius.  Its House position in your horoscope shows in some symbolic way what area of life to look for the most activity and where to plant the symbolic "seeds" for future growth.


There are two basic birth charts we look at in astrology. One is the solar chart and is based on our Sun Sign. This interpretation looks at everything from our individual Sun's point of view. Therefore, it gives a reading based more on the inner personality or "spirit".

The natal chart is based on the degree of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at the exact moment and place of birth. This degree is called your Ascendant. This natal chart is earth oriented and based on the outer or physical personality. This chart is more helpful in dealing with "life here on earth".

When looking at most "Sun Sign" type readings (like this), you should use your Ascendant (if you know it) as well as your Sun sign. If you don't know your Ascendant, drop me a note with your birth info (exact time, place and birth date) and I'd be glad to let you know for free.



Current Lunar Month Aquarius

February 18 to March 20, 2015

Aries - With Aquarius on your 11th House, the focus will be on your friends and your future. This can be a great time to plant the seeds for future goals. It is a good time to meet new friends through groups or through other friends. Friends may be into technology, electronics, astrology or computers. Friends and groups can be instrumental in advancing your ambitions or your goals. With Venus, Mars and Neptune transiting Pisces life should be more mystical, magical, spiritual or self sacrificial in some way. You can still benefit through groups and social gatherings, but it will require a certain amount of humility.


Taurus - Aquarius rules your 10th House. Prestige and honor may come through things related to Aquarius, like technology, electronics, astrology and computers. Groups, organizations and friends may play a part in your own fame. With the symbolism of Aquarius, you could receive notoriety as a rebel or maybe just a truly independent individual. Your career or fame could be tied to groups, organizations and friends. As this New Moon cycle kicks in, you are likely to rub shoulders with important people. This is the time of year you can gain from your friendship with authorities or by taking the lead yourself.


Gemini - Aquarius rules your chart's 9th House. It is time to express your freedom and expand your horizons. This can be accomplished through long distant travel, a closeness to nature, higher education and interest in philosophy or law. The Aquarian influence indicates friends and groups are part of this expansion and new experiences. Unusual weather or unexpected long distance travel may also be part of it. You may have some interaction with outdoorsmen, professors, ministers, travelers, foreigners, publishers, in-laws or lawyers. Your relationships and experiences with these type people are accented more during this 9th House Lunar Month.




Cancer - The 8th House involves transformation and regeneration. It also has to do with collaboration and sharing. When combined with Aquarius, transformation and rebirth come through groups, organizations and friends. The New Moon in the 8th House emphasizes your interpersonal relationships and the act of wheeling and dealing with others. This can be a good time to join with friends or groups in some shared experience. Karmic interaction with others is accented, so take notice of those you meet during this Lunar Month - especially those involved with friends or groups. You may have known these people in past lives and still have some work to do or rewards for past good deeds.


Leo - The New Moon in your Aquarius 7th House is all about your relationships with others. It has to do with opponents, as well as partners and complimentary opposites. This area encompasses best friends, best lovers and "best" enemies. Because it is your opposite Sign, your relations with these people are Aquarian in nature. In other words, during this Aquarius Lunar Month you are likely to socialize with, or attract people through friends, your partner or your social life. They may be involved in things like technology, electronics, astrology and computers. Other people in your life may be able to help you reach your future goals through networking and group involvement. Friends are very important to Leos as they help to make Leos feel whole.


Virgo - The 6th House is your Aquarius House. This area of the chart relates to health and service type activities. It's about those who serve and those who are served. Therefore, this Lunar Month is concerned with work and resolving problems within your network of friends, but in  a mostly independent way. This means that you now have the opportunity to help friends and/or be helped by them. If helping others is "not your thing", then you may get the opportunity to be served by others like doctors and nurses. Health is tied to service, and with the Aquarian influence, you may be susceptible to nerve related problems. The networks in the body including the circulatory and nervous system are areas of concern, as are the ankles and lower legs.


Libra - With Aquarius on your 5th House cusp, you are ready to have fun and let the creative juices flow. Children in your life and your relationships with them are accented. The child side of your own personality needs to express itself in some way - maybe through art or performance. Libras enjoy having fun within groups or with friends. Creativity and entertainment can be enhanced by networking with others. Computers and the internet can be a positive influence to your creativity and involvement with children. Organized entertainment with rules can be good if you don't take it too serious. Friends or groups may be tied to your creativity or children during this New Moon cycle that ends on March 20, 2015.


Scorpio - The New Moon is in your 4th House. This area of the chart is about your home base and the domestic side of life. Aquarius type people and events are drawn to your home now. You may have more activity with friends or groups in the home during this Lunar Month. You might have some electrical or computer activity in the home. Whatever is going on can bring change, excitement or unrest to your base of reality and personal security. This activity could involve your mother or your family. Your mother's friends or future may play a part. This is a good time to network with family members and friends from the past. Genealogy and computers, or the internet, could be more important.

Sagittarius - Aquarius is on the cusp of your 3rd House. This area of the chart is about everything "close" to you. It is your relatives, your neighbors, your close friends and your community. The New Moon could bring changes or some modernization in the neighborhood. You may be involved with friends and neighborhood organizations. Siblings or close friends are tied to your group and some new beginning. This may be associated with things related to Aquarius, like technology, electronics, astrology and computers. The 3rd House is also about communication, information, education and transportation. These things are accented and should be more important this Lunar Month.

Capricorn - With Aquarius on your 2nd House cusp, your values and self worth are tied to groups, organizations and friends. Aquarius people have an influence on your possessions and finances. The emphasis is on personal resources which includes your technical abilities or ability to network with others. The value you put on these things is accented this Lunar Month. The New Moon may bring new ways to earn money or gain possessions. You may acquire high tech or computer equipment or make money through technology.

Aquarius - This is your time of the year as the Sun moves through your Sign and 1st House. You are inspired to come out and be more sociable. It is time for you to begin new activities relating to groups, organizations or friends. Networking is essential for Aquarians, so the internet provides a technological method. The old fashioned way, like networking in the neighborhood or community, works as well. You may deal with "car" people or educators. The 3rd House Uranus influence suggests changes or excitement involving communication, education or transportation. It could indicate changes, excitement or upsets involving people close to you like siblings, neighbors or close friends.

Pisces - Aquarius resides in your 12th House and requires sacrifice on your part. You need to relate to friends in a very spiritual way. Karmic relationships are important to your spiritual development. Secrets, sorrows or mysteries involving groups, organizations and friends are part of this New Moon energy. You may be required to sacrifice for others or serve others from behind the scenes or in a volunteer type situation. Friends and their problems are accented now. You may be called upon to sympathize with people who are sick or isolated in some way. Friends may be hospitalized or they may need your help. You may be involved with other people's pets or their work.


Pisces Solar Eclipse March 20, to  Sept 12, 2015

The New Moon on March 20, 2015 at 29 degrees 27 minutes of Pisces is the Solar Eclipse and therefore begins a 6 month cycle that ends on September 12, 2015. Pisces is water and stirs up the imagination, as well as, the spiritual side in all of us. It is very "right brain" oriented and emphasizes the more feminine, sensitive or emotional side. The mystical, magical, other worldly realms are more in tune with Pisces.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and has to do with water, liquids, oil and gas. This 6 month period may bring with it increased water problems in the form of snow fall, floods or drought. There could be more oil spills or gas leaks in the news during this eclipse cycle. Neptune also has to do with alcohol and drugs, so these things might be accented more for some reason.

Pisces is represented by the two fish bound together trying to swim in opposite directions. One is the ego and the other is the soul. The soul serves the ego or the ego serves the soul. "Serve or suffer" is the key for Pisces. When the advanced Pisces gives up the ego, then sensitivity, compassion and understanding are its greatest resources. This is why some Pisces people tend to be more psychic and can tune in to subconscious levels - like the spirit or dream world. This sensitivity and need to serve also gives an affinity for occupations that work with healing the afflicted.

The last sign of the Zodiac is not really comfortable in this world. Pisces is ready to get back to the source and may even feel this is their last incarnation on earth. In this life Pisces people may try to retreat from the real world. This need for isolation is why Pisces rules over such things as hospitals, prisons and monasteries. Of course, there are positive and negative ways to do this. Escaping through prayer, meditation and other spiritual methods are usually better than through self destruction, deception, liquor, drugs and other addictive tendencies.

The Pisces energy makes it a good time for dealing with fantasy, illusion, non-reality and things of the imagination. TV, film, animation, video, photography, music and poetry fit this vibration. Pisces is the Sign of believing and believers. It is the Sign of sacrifice and martyrs and rules the "Christian Age" with its Prophet who is sacrificed on a cross for humanity. Humility and sacrifice are lessons to learn when Pisces is strong in your life. In the physical body it rules the feet and the ability to stand. In some way we will each deal with this Pisces Eclipse cycle until September 12th.

The Iraq War

A side note to this March 20, 2015 Pisces Solar Eclipse is that 12 years ago on March 20, 2003 the Iraq war began. This means that this current Eclipse is activating all the Pisces stuff that represented the Iraq War. This reminds me of Brian Williams who was recently sacrificed by NBC for "misremembering" events of that war. It also seems to fit the symbolism of the rise and fall of the "American Sniper". The hope may be that some of the people who used lies, that led to that war, will have to face the music. They'll probably be a lot more of this kind of symbolism until the next Eclipse Cycle begins in September 2015.

Where Is The Solar Eclipse In Your Chart?

Wherever 29 degrees 27 minutes of Pisces is in your horoscope shows where your ability to sacrifice or feel compassion for others is accented. We are all in a position to learn spiritual lessons now. Issues relating to self delusion and true spiritual attitudes are being tested and rewarded during this New Moon cycle in Pisces.


There are two basic birth charts we look at in astrology. One is the solar chart and is based on our Sun Sign. This interpretation looks at everything from our individual Sun's point of view. Therefore, it gives a reading based more on the inner personality or our "spirit".

The natal chart is based on the degree of the zodiac on the eastern horizon at the exact moment and place of birth. This degree is called your Ascendant. This natal chart is earth oriented and based on the outer or physical personality. This chart is more helpful in dealing with "life here on earth".

 When looking at any "Sun Sign" type readings (like this), you should always look for your Ascendant (if you know it) and then your Sun sign. If you don't know your Ascendant, drop me a note with your birth info (exact time, place and birth date) and I'd be glad to let you know for free.


Pisces Solar Eclipse

March 20 to September 12, 2015


Aries - Pisces rules your 12th House. This area has to do with the parts of our personality that are below the surface. It's the subconscious, karmic side of life and the "home base" of Pisces, the 12th Sign. Aries people like to hide their sensitive Pisces side. They want to be seen as tough and having a strong exterior, but sacrificing for the good of those who need it, is their greatest inner strength. This is a good time to get off by yourself for some meditation or self analysis. Be honest and humble, but don't let yourself be duped or taken advantage of by those involved in illicit deeds. This is an excellent time to get involved in some kind of volunteer organization or spiritual work.

Taurus - With Pisces on your 11th House, you are loyal and sacrificial where friends are concerned. You are very sensitive and feelings can be hurt easily by friends. This is a time to focus on groups, organizations, new friends, humanitarian goals, "new age" ideals, networking with others and plans for the future. Do things with friends that have to do with movies, music, dance, water sports and  liquor. Use your imagination where future plans are concerned. Fantasy, spiritualism and idealism are more important this eclipse cycle - especially through groups, organizations or friends.

Gemini - Your career and relationships with authority figures should be more important during March with the New Moon in your 10th House. Your authority, may be tested more during this 6 month cycle. Pisces is always tied to your career or your honor in some way. People will look up to you, or you will be in the public eye for some reason related to medicine, music, movies, dance or your spiritual side. Your honor and prestige is somehow tied in with music, video, photography or spiritual things now. Your attention may be drawn to businesses involved with space or water. Doctors, hospitals and medicine are apt to be more important this eclipse cycle.


Cancer - The Pisces Eclipse in your 9th House says get out of your shell and experience life over the next 6 months. Travel, foreign people, places and cultures can offer spiritual growth. Cancers have the ability to reach the highest spiritual ideals by sacrificing the ego for the good of the world. Higher education may involve music, video or photography. Religion, politics and other philosophical ideals are accented. In-laws and legal people may be more important this 6 month eclipse cycle. Your faith and philosophical beliefs may be tested now, but this can be a time for inspiration, insight and spiritual enlightenment. Take note of your dreams and those magical, mystical trips you take in your sleep.

Leo - Pisces rules your 8th House of other people's money and joint resources. Taxes, inheritances, insurance money, etc. are often accentuated. This time of year is always about sharing sacrificially for others, but this New Moon is a Solar Eclipse and lasts until September 12th. Leo's biggest lesson and spiritual reward comes from being humble and willing to sacrifice the Leo pride when dealing with others and their resources. Accept help from others, but avoid wasting their time, energy and good will. It is a time to be sympathetic to others and their problems. This is a good time to deal with others on a spiritual level. Psychic experiences, intuition and death and rebirth symbolism is also accented.

Virgo - Pisces is your opposite sign and your 7th House cusp. The accent is now on your partner and other people in your life. You naturally attract Pisces type people into your life. You may socialize with spiritual type people, Christians or people whose interests are tied in with metaphysics, paranormal or ghosts. Video, music or the medical field are also tied to the Pisces energy you attract from others. You may be attracted to swimming, fishing, and/or boating people. During this Pisces time of year, your social life always picks up and it is normally a great time to meet new people. The negative side of Pisces on the 7th can involve addictive types and co-dependency. Remember that this new moon is a solar eclipse and its influence will be felt though September 12, 2015.

Libra - Pisces rules your 6th House. This area of the chart has to do with things like health, service, clothes, pets and your work environment. The Pisces New Moon combines music, dance, fantasy, spiritual subjects, sacrifices, hospitals and the medical field with these 6th House energies. It would be a good time for volunteer work. Serve with beverages, soup, music, photography or film. You always have this influence in your life, but during the next 6 months it should be more noticeable. Alcohol and drugs and even prescription medicine can be problematic during this cycle. Health issues may be mysterious and may have to do with the feet or ability to stand.

Scorpio - Pisces is on your 5th House cusp. This is the area of the chart that involves self expression, creativity and recreation. You should feel more creative and imaginative during this 6 month cycle. Pisces type people will help bring out your creative, artistic or playful side and may somehow accentuate the children in your life or the "child within". Sacrifices, medical concerns or spiritual matters may be combined with children or creativity in some way. Create something artistic with that Pisces vision and imagination. Do something fun or entertaining that involves liquid, water, film, video, photography and music or dance.

Sagittarius - The 4th House has to do with your home, mother figures in your life and your past. This encompasses land, real estate, family, as well as, people and experiences from your past. Genealogy or ancestry may be more important over the next 6 months. The Pisces influence may tie in music and dance to the home base. Photography, film or video from the past may be accented more for you this eclipse cycle. Liquor, drugs, water, oil or gas may part of it. The mother energy is combined with sorrow or sacrifice of some kind. Isolation or hospitalization is possible. You may feel removed from the family or the home base in some way.

Capricorn - Your Pisces 3rd House is all about communication, education and transportation. It is concerned with people close to you on some level like sisters, brothers, roommates, neighbors and people who are as close as siblings. For you, these people are always tied to Pisces things like medicine, hospitals, mysteries, fantasy, spiritual subjects and personal sacrifice. Water, liquid or gas related problems with cars or neighbors are possible. Community activities that involve music, dance, photography, water recreation and movies are apt to be important. Reading, writing, books, maps, libraries, etc. are combined with things like music, video, animation, spiritual subjects or mysticism.

Aquarius - This 6 month eclipse cycle will accent your 2nd House of money and possessions. With Pisces here, your personal values and self worth are combined with spiritual interests. Aquarians must learn the true sense of value, and it isn't the material side of life. Sacrificing your resources for the good of those less fortunate is the spiritual lesson for Aquarius. Money can be made through Piscean symbolism as well. In other words, things like health care, medicine, chemicals, liquid, liquor, oil, gasses, spiritual interests, music, the imagination and anything involving water are some methods of income for you.

Pisces - This Eclipse is in your 1st House and is all about you, Pisces - especially if you were born around March 20th. You heart is with your imagination, faith and belief system. Your strength is in your ability to tune in to others with compassion and understanding. You are normally laid back and quiet or even shy, but the New Moon in your Sign can bring out your best qualities. Music, dance and movies are good outlets for you. Do something with other people now. Party or socializing with friends is good now.  You may be involved with friends on a more personal or even emotional level now. Health matters relating to the feet, ankles and ability to stand are possible.






Uranus Square Pluto

The Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn aspect is still affecting us all. Together they will make 7 exact hits before they separate completely from this tense square (90 degree angle) set of aspects. After March 16, 2015 the next set of Uranus square Pluto aspects begins in April of 2073.

Even though there are 7 direct hits due to their individual retrograde cycles, we will feel the effects of this powerful aspect on and off throughout this period between June 2012 and March 2015. Uranus in Aries symbolizes a push for change, while Pluto in Capricorn indicates death and rebirth where structures in life are concerned. Whether these changes and transformations are willing or forced, they will bring times of great nervous tension and literal or symbolic death and rebirth depending on where they occur in our individual horoscopes.

Uranus Square Pluto and "Obama Care"

Uranus is the planet of opposition, breakups and rebellion. It rules groups and organizations as well as computers, networks and the internet. Since Pluto rules insurance and other people's resources, this seems to fit the "Obama Care" fiasco. In June of 2012 at the time of the first hit, the opposition from the right were dealt a blow from Supreme Court when Chief Justice Roberts declared Obama Care legal. Since then as this aspect becomes exact again and again, there have been, and will probably be more attempts to destroy it by the opposition from the extreme right like, those in the Tea Party. Around the exact hit on November 1, 2013 Obama Care seemed like it would be consumed in its own ashes due to the website debacle. Now as the rollout on January seems to be going better, and the far right is in the smoldering mode, it will be interesting to see what kind of excitement we will see around April 22, 2014 which is the next hit and combines squares and oppositions to Jupiter and Mars. Will the December 15, 2014 hit be terrorism, rebellion, racial tension or more tension involving healthcare, insurance and financial institutions. The deadline to sign up for 2015 Obama Care was set to be Monday, December 15, 2014. That was extended, so I wonder if it will be closer to March 16th, the last Uranus/Pluto square?

Saturn in Sagittarius

December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017

Saturn begins it's transit of the Sign Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and remains until December 19, 2017. Saturn takes approximately 29 years to move through Zodiac. The last time it entered Sagittarius was November 1985. Everything related to Sagittarius will begin to take on a more serious or even Saturnine influence.

Saturn is about following the rules and the consequences of taking short cuts. It is said to be the Planet of karma, because if you have followed the rules in the past you can reach the top. If you take shortcuts, the fall will eventually catch up. This is why Saturn is about things like fear, control, limitation, discipline and responsibilities, as well as, leadership and authorities. While it moves through Sagittarius, travel, foreign people and distant places are under its control. This seems to say that over the next 3 years we should be prepared for more control, restriction or fear where travel and travelers are concerned. More rules and conditions for travel and immigration are likely.

The last time Saturn moved through Sagittarius, hijackers took over a flight in Malta which ended in 50 deaths, airports in Rome and Vienna were attacked by terrorists with hand grenades and submachine guns, 250 US soldiers died in DC-8 crash, the Challenger space craft blew up killing all aboard and the US accidentally shot down an Iranian passenger plane killing 290. We will probably see more tragedies involving travel or the travel industry during this 3 year transit of Saturn in Sagittarius. The fear of foreigners and travelers makes sense in light of the Ebola fears and terror threats. For those who follow the rules of Saturn and are careful, disciplined and responsible, the Sagittarian influence can be positive. It brought us the first plane to circle the earth non stop without refueling on December 23, 1985. While Saturn transited Sagittarius, the first human powered airplane was introduced along with the first Stealth aircraft.

Saturn also rules the cold, ice and crystallization. It can bring congestion in the body and in life. Sagittarius rules outdoors, nature and the weather. Many will deal more with snow and cold weather, and cold weather diseases over the next 3 years. Limitations and restrictions due to weather are more likely. Efforts to control the weather could be more important. It is also interesting that crystallized cocaine or "crack" was first brought to public attention in a big way in November 1985.

The laws of man, as well as the Laws of God, are likely to be more restrictive, controlling or fearful. This includes fear and distrust of law enforcement, the legal system and prejudicial authority figures. Control issues relating to racial, religious and political fundamentalism are accented now. Of course, Al Qaeda, ISIL and the Islamic State are all about this kind of religious intolerance and absolute control, but there are many others closer to home who could be put in that same category. The last time Saturn entered Sagittarius was in 1985 which was called "the year of terrorism". Religious and political leaders are also vulnerable and may fall from grace during this transit due to scandals. 

Sagittarius rules over institutes of higher learning, political systems, as well as religious institutions, so this Saturn transit brings restrictions, limitations and more control where these type organizations are concerned. Harsh restrictions on travel and freedom. School funding and college loans are likely to suffer even more.

Where is transiting Saturn in your chart?

CURRENT TRANSIT: December 23, 2014 to December 19, 2017 LAST TRANSIT: November 17, 1985 to November 12, 1988

As you read this, think back to the last time this happened in November of 1985. It may help understand how this Saturn/Sagittarius combination will affect you for the next 3 years.

ARIES - With Sagittarius on the 9th House cusp, there is karmic pressure to get out more and experience life. Responsibilities or fear may focus on things like travel, publishing, politics, religion, foreigners and in-laws. The legal system is accented and may require discipline or leadership on your part. Saturn encourages us to follow the rules, or else! So, take extra care when traveling and keep a close eye on the weather, especially ice and snow.

TAURUS - Sagittarius is on your 8th House cusp. This brings long distant responsibilities and karmic lessons where travel and partner's resources are concerned. It also has to do with legal responsibilities involving taxes, insurance or inheritance over the next 3 years while Saturn moves through your 8th House. Partner's resources are more serious, businesslike or tied to their ambition. Money from outside sources may be restricted.

GEMINI - You have Sagittarius on the 7th House cusp, which draws this Saturn energy from others. Other people may restrict your freedom or hold you back in some way or you may just fear that first contact. Your karmic lesson involves expanding your horizons where other people are concerned. These relationships may involve travel, foreigners, education, publishing or religion. Saturn may bring political opponents or partners into your life during this 3 year cycle.

CANCER - You have Sagittarius on the 6th House cusp so work or service is tied to travel or foreign places. You may work for a foreigner or they may work for you. Saturn is your natural partner. It rules your Capricorn 7th House. This means that service will likely involve your partner and construction or business. Over the next 3 years, karmic lessons involving service, health or pets are tied to personal experiences and natural occurrences. It's time to get off the couch and get out more. Fresh foods and natural medicines are the best for Cancers.

LEO - Sagittarius is on your 5th House cusp. Long distant children or grandchildren are tied to the control, discipline and responsibilities of Saturn. This could be a child's ambitions or business is important. It could be that work or problems involve children. This karmic lesson can provide an opportunity to serve the child in your life. This includes your own creativity. You can be very creative where where work is concerned. You can build or construct in a very creative way.

VIRGO - With Sagittarius on the 4th House, there may be a desire to build, construct or expand your home base. Virgos can express their ambition through their creativity. Yours is focused on the home and family for next 3 years. There may be heavy responsibilities or karmic lessons to repeat relating to the mother, the family or children in the home. Domestic responsibilities and personal security are issues that may need your attention. If you've followed the "rules" and laid a strong "foundation", you can build upon the past. If not, you will get a chance to face the past again.

LIBRA - Saturn is entering your 3rd House over the next 3 years. Heavy responsibilities and karmic lessons involve people and things that are "close". This can be people who are close like siblings, neighbors  and close friends. It has to do with the neighborhood or community you live in. You may feel confined or limited due to travel restrictions or compelled to travel due to family responsibilities. Concerns may involve business with neighbors or construction in the neighborhood. Information, education and transportation may be limited due to long distances.

SCORPIO - With Sagittarius on the 2nd House cusp, responsibilities and karmic lessons will have to do with values, self worth and your own personal resources. Travel and higher education may play a part. This can be a time to take responsibility and build up your resources over the next 3 years. Professional, financial or business help may come through siblings, neighbors, in-laws or close friends. You can earn money through neighborhood activities and things involving communication, information, education and transportation.

SAGITTARIUS - Saturn is entering your 1st House over the next 3 years. You are affected by karmic pressures in a very personal way. You may feel restrictions to your freedom due to lack of resources or more pressing responsibilities. If you have followed the rules, this can be a time to expand, build and grow. Your honor, prestige and notoriety are tied to your Sign now. Things like in-laws, the legal system, publishing, travel, religion, politics, nature and higher education could be part of this. These next 3 years can put you in a position of authority with added responsibilities or it can be a time to take on responsibilities and build toward the future.

CAPRICORN - With Sagittarius on the 12th House cusp, personal responsibilities and karmic lessons will have to do with humility, compassion and understanding. Sacrifices for others may involve travel, in-laws, politics, education or legal things. Other people's work, health, vehicles or their pets may become your responsibility at times during this 3 year transit. This can be very good for getting more control over the subconscious mind and things that are hidden or "below the surface". Secrets, mysteries and the metaphysical world are of more concern to you.

AQUARIUS - Sagittarius is on your 11th House cusp. Saturn's karmic lessons and heavy responsibilities are focused on groups, organizations, friends and your future. These things are always part of the Aquarius experience, but now they are of a more serious nature. Travel, education, publication, politics and religion are always tied to friends. These things may play an even more important part in your life over the next 3 years. Business or control issues may arise that involve friends.

PISCES - Saturn is entering your 10th House over the next 3 years. You are being affected by karmic pressures in a very public way. If you have followed the rules in the past, avoided shortcuts, and stuck with your goals, this can be a time of power, honor, prestige and personal authority. If not, then authority figures will seem cold, restrictive and negative. This is a time to take on responsibility and show your leadership qualities. Friends or organizations may be helpful, even though somewhat bossy or controlling. Career opportunities may involve education or travel.


Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto entered Capricorn on the January 25, 2008. Through it's normal periodic retrograde motion it moved back into Sagittarius on June 13, 2008. On November 26, 2008 it moved back into Capricorn where it will transit until March 23, 2023. This 15 year transit combines some nasty energies. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and is the god of the underworld. It is the planet of terrorism, mass death, WMD's, financial manipulation, the devil and all other under worldly type characters. Capricorn is the sign of governments, leaders, big corporations, ambition, and control. When you combine these two qualities, you get some pretty scary situations and players in world politics.

On the other hand, Pluto represents power and Capricorn rules the color "black". It doesn't take much to see this as "black power". Here in the US we are seeing that symbolism take place in a hopefully positive way with the historic election of a Barack Obama. It is interesting that the last time this transit occurred, the US became a country. Therefore, this transit represents a very fated period in time for this country. This idea of black power and powerful black leaders should be more prevalent in the world during Pluto's transit through Capricorn.

Financial manipulation is much easier to comprehend now that we can watch the "big collapse" live on TV every hour, on the hour. Then, there is the obsession by many with the "one world government" fear and that "mark of the beast" thing, which is now beginning to look more and more likely. Unless we all belong to their club, we won't be able to buy, sell or trade. There is some extremely high level wheeling and dealing going on between world financial leaders now as we dig our way out of the financial collapse promised by Osama Bin Laden right after 911. I think GWB answered, "bring it on".

The old rules and rulers are about to be transformed. Pluto in Capricorn means a death and rebirth of world structures, foundations and boundaries. Pluto may offer up some extremely dangerous world leaders who are apt to use WMD's without hesitation. This can be a time of assassinations of world leaders and assassinations by world leaders.

We may have been given a hint as to what to expect over the next 15 years. In January when Pluto dipped into Capricorn for a few months, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated while running for a high political office in Pakistan. The following unrest in the country forced then leader Pervez Musharraf to resign peacefully.

Terror may rule or be used by rulers. Underground terror of some kind is more likely. Pluto in Capricorn until 2023/2024 is a time of the volcano, both symbolically and literally.

State sponsored terrorism was common the last time Pluto moved into Capricorn between 1762 and 1778. This was a time of pirates. The USA was "born" during this period - July 4th 1776. The biggest threat to trade was the Barbary Pirates who were backed by North African Moslem countries. It seems this country has had some connection to Islamic terrorism since the beginning.



Mercury retrograde is a cycle that occurs about 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time. It is a time when Mercury appears to slow to a stop over several days and then appears to move backwards in the sky. It means that the symbolism related to Mercury, like communication, information and transportation, has to be "revisited" on some level. Plans that are made while Mercury is retrograde will have to be modified or rewritten. Mail, email, telephone messages, etc. are likely to be areas of confusion or frustration. Things get lost, machines break, light bulbs burn out and anything related to cars can be a source of problems.

The key to using this period in a positive way is to go back to things you've set aside and take a second look. You may be able to see things in a different light and fix past problems that you gave up on before. Go back and edit that unfinished book or document. It is a good time for research and doing the background work on some future project. It seems to be a good time for long distant trips from which you want to return. Just make sure you run through the check list before you leave.

The main thing to remember is that during a Mercury retrograde cycle most things relating to new beginnings will have to undergo some revision or be trashed all together. Whenever possible, avoid finalizing plans or signing important papers during these periods. Traveling or moving during a Mercury retrograde period means you'll come back.

   Upcoming Mercury Retrograde Periods


January 21, 2015 to February 11, 2015

May 18, 2015 to June 11, 2015

September 17, 2015 to October 9, 2015

January 5, 2016 to January 25, 2016

April 28, 2016 to May 22nd

August 30, 2016 to September 21, 2016


How Old is Western Civilization?


Gobekli Tepe is twice as old as the Egyptian pyramids and 7,000 years older than England's Stonehenge.


How Old Is The Zodiac?


How old is the Zodiac we use in western astrology? The oldest book of the Christian Bible is Job. In this book, which includes discussions about fate, free will and Karma, Job presents his argument to God by speaking in astrological terms and mentions the Zodiac (Mazzoroth). The experts put Job to around 1500 BC. That's pretty old, but not even close to the findings of Astronomer, Frank Edge, and his evidence that pushes the origins of the Zodiac back to at least 10,000 BC!

Frank Edge has discovered interesting astrological correlations in the famous cave paintings at Lascaux, France. These paintings show many images of the ancient skies at least 12,000 years ago including the sign, Taurus, as the traditional bull and Gemini as a birdman. To this day, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, "the messenger of the gods". Mercury had wings on his head and wings on his feet. I think you could call him a "bird" man. This proves that the origins of the Western Zodiac are far older than previously thought.

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