An interview with the artist taken from the film - "An Artist at Work"

by Alexandria Nakelski, NMU Film Studies, 1998

Some of your imagery seems to come from a very personal place, what is that for you?

It's like traveling, moving, finding a new place of my own in these mysterious images, shuffling in and out of a form, I sometimes describe it as my attempt at self awareness.

Who are your influences?

Many artists feel as I do, like a sponge absorbing all you can, but a few great artists stand out for me, for their mastery of dis-inclination, passion, knowledge and sheer will they brought to their art making. Dorthea Tanning, Arshile Gorky, Egon Schiele, Ad Reinhardt, Max Ernst, Willem De Kooning, and Adolph Gottleib to name a few.

You often refer to the "Process" what do you mean by that?

I am speaking of more then the motion of putting brush to canvas, beyond to the intuitive, instinctual touch. Creativity within the flow, everyone has those moments. It's a shame they are so hard to cultivate.

Your newest works "Iliaster" what are their inspiration?

They are inspired by the pictures sent from the Hubble telescope from within deep space. I was moved by these images, for they spoke to me of my own intentions; of presenting and portraying a unified and harmonic portrait of the intangible substance that holds our innermost landscapes and outer reaches of our universe together.

The same type of motivations for your earlier series "Solve et Coagula"?

Very much so, that series was a way for me to tap into places of stillness and uncomfortableness, places one naturally resists tampering with.