Soil Conservation Projects

Nepal is a mostly mountainous country with a three-month long monsoon season. Approximately 95% of the population are farmers. Almost all homes rely on their personal livestock to provide the fertilizer needed to grow their crops. A system of terracing the mountainsides has evolved from centuries ago to allow farmers to make use of their land. But as the population has grown, farmers must produce more from what little land they have. The Soil Conservation Department of the Nepali Government, along with NGOs, have been bringing advanced and efficient agricultural concepts to the people to allow them to better utilize their land. Most farmers cannot afford chemical fertilizers and those that can usually do not use them efficiently. Preserving the fertility of the soil is a necessary objective to improving the quality of life for farmers in Nepal.

Some soil conservation topics are:

Level Terracing
Water Conservation
Community Planning
Smokeless Cookstoves
Gobar Gas
Check Dams

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