Languages Spoken in Nepal

Nepal is an incredibly diverse country with respect to culture and language. There are 125 different documented languages spoken in Nepal. The primary language of Nepal is Nepali which has been the push of the King and government for about 50 years now. Up to about 50 years ago, each isolated area basically spoke their own language and had there own customs. Since the launch of a national educational program in Nepal in the 1950's, the majority (58.3%) of Nepali's speak Nepali, but by no means is it consistent throughout the kingdom.

Generally speaking, most Nepalis in the central and eastern development regions speak Nepali fluently. However, there are many areas out west where people still do not speak Nepali. Most of this has to do with the fact that the developement has been more intense in the central and eastern regions. From the 50's up until 95-96 the government has used every means possible to unite the kingdom under one language. There has been much success over the years. However, due to the loss of some of the indigenous languages along with some democratic voicing of some of the larger non-Nepali languages, the government (Radio Nepal) has since recognized about 7 primary languages and currently broadcasts news in all of the primary languages. They are Nepali, Newari, Hindi, Gurung, Limbu, Gorkha. To see a list of the 125 documented languages spoken throughout the kingdom go to the links page

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