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photo: four small birds sitting on the han Buddhist Links / The Temple

This may appear to be a picture of the han in the courtyard of the temple on Cerro Gordo, but is in fact a portrait of four fledgling barnswallows. The photographer, my niece Pamela Dixon, was eleven at the time, and the swallows maybe four weeks old. They must have taken their first flight a day or so before they posed there on top on the han--after a few days they stop keeping so close together.

I was the resident monk and caretaker of the temple for seven years, though it was now a very long time ago.* Some summers we had as many as six barnswallow nests. They fly round and round the courtyard, circumambulating the stupa on the air. They would try hard to sneak into the front room and build a nest on the lamp in the kitchen, but I always headed them off in time. Three summers we also had Say's phoebes nesting on the teisho drum.

Reading News

Instead of a TBR pile, or bookcase, or room, I have what's piled by the couch.

The former life in another state...

Santa Fe Poetry Broadside cover of book
  • Santa Fe Poetry Broadside, an electronic literary journal edited by the two Miriams (Miriam Sagan and Miriam Bobkoff) published its final issue, Issue #59, in September, 2009.
  • Just Outside the Frame : Poets from the Santa Fe Poetry Broadside, Tres Chicas Books, 2005). Anthology from the first seven years of the Broadside. Larger view of the cover (hey, my name is on it).
  • Counting Coup Press offered a contest, make a one-page writing on the subject of 'Things That Want To Be Counted'. Prize: to be printed as a Broadside. Thank you, Suzanne. After nine years of producing a Broadside, I had the exquisite pleasure of being one. (It comes in green and dark colorphases.)

The Library

photo:open shelves in the southwest roomJuly 6th, 2007, was my last day at Santa Fe Public Library, where I had worked for 22 years. I am now, happily, in Port Angeles, Washington — much closer to the ocean. I've found library work, but I don't know that it will be a central part of my identity the way what I did at SFPL was. I wasn't able to decide to banish those 22 years from this page. Yet.


photo:a cottonwood far away Ravens Ridge in the Summertime, a spring adventure in Rio Santa Barbara, a day hike in the Pecos Wilderness, a drive up the Rio Chama, a hike up Cave Creek. There was going to be a Winsor Trail hike here, but the photos in Cybermaze's Baldy hike are much better than mine.

I haven't made a new expedition page for a long time. These days, if I want to tell about a place, I put it on Ocean in View.

Images of Earth

Valles Caldera from Landsat image Earthimages: Northern New Mexico from Skylab4, Landsat, and the Space Shuttle; current satellite imagery; and some personal favorites.


small image of Tent Rocks Before digital cameras, the problem with email was you couldn't tuck any postcards into the envelope. So here are some Postcards - Small Images of New Mexico. All made a very long time ago, before digital cameras made it easy.

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