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 Attuning the Human Holographic Field

Reduce stress, pain and fear
Increase stamina and energy
Strengthen the immune system
Overcome depression
Clear emotional trauma
Balance and align structural problems
Initiate healing of chronic neurological conditions:
multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cluster or migraine headaches,
among others
Support the body’s natural ability to cleanse, purify and heal itself
Integrate body & spirit and express the free flow of your life force!

Healing of these common challenges is possible. It can be as simple as the restoration of grace and ease in the midst of change. You can experience better health, well-being and joy.

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Things don’t change; we change. 
--Henry David Thoreau  

      My years of practice as a chiropractor have centered on the spine and nervous system, the systems of life force utilized by the human body. As I looked further and higher to find the source of this miracle and the blockages to its full expression, I made some discoveries which raised my sights and changed the focus of my intent.

      There are many healing arts that are valid and beautiful in their approach to the human being. However, for the most part they address the physical aspect of the problem alone, so that the person receiving treatment tends to “plateau” at a certain point. Though they may be measurably better, the same patterns of injury seem to creep back into the program.

      Dis-ease and pain have origin in the etheric body, which interpermeates the same space as the physical body, but exists on a subtler level of vibration. Any healing at the etheric level penetrates into the physical body.

      I have developed an approach which more than “infers” to the other dimensions of being. 

      This approach intentionally addresses the etheric plane, and allows for healing to occur at both the physical/human level and the multidimensional/being aspects of ourselves.

      This creates an opportunity for a new plateau in our search for wholeness.

      This is my story . . .

      I have been a practicing chiropractor for over twenty years in New Mexico, using low force and unforced effect techniques. I have been challenged by the full range of cases and privileged to have had a varied, interesting practice over the years. 

      In 1996 a startling experience led to a new discovery for me and suddenly expanded the parameters of my work. Alice – an 80 year-old artist, teacher, rancher and life-long hellraiser with a congestive heart --had been my friend and patient for several years, when she suffered a devastating accident. She fell down the basement stairs at her daughter’s home, breaking nearly every bone in her body, including her neck in several places. 

      Her family called me to the hospital on Christmas Eve and there was Alice, usually so statuesque and commanding, now shrunken and immobilized, with tubes running in and out of her body. Her daughters waited for me to say I could help her, but I realized I couldn’t touch her. 

      So I searched my soul – and I asked for an answer. Then I stepped up and directed a “force” from 2 feet off the body. I never touched Alice, but I sent her a healing effect.

      As I was leaving the room, I shared a solemn moment with her daughter, my dear friend,  when within minutes, Alice regained consciousness and started to talk.  She gave specific instructions to her family to take care of certain aspects of her responsibilities at the ranch.  Our jaws dropped as we observed this transformation. 

      From that moment on I knew I had stumbled onto something imperative.  Alice continued to improve, and ultimately was released from the hospital after she tore the tubes from her own throat in intensive care following orthopedic surgery. Months later Alice passed away from a sudden heart attack, but she left me with a very important gift. I have spent the past several years studying this phenomenon in practice. I call it working Off-the-Grid–Attuning the Human Holographic Field.

      Holographic Attunement is an approach to our other states of being–because we are multidimensional, this approach validates the individual in multidimensionality. The holographic field is the field of influence that we emanate from within and without as a living organism. Most of us are familiar with physical, mental and emotional planes, but there are radiant holographic fields reflecting the full spectrum of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious energetics. A characteristic of these dimensions beyond the physical is that they transcend time and space. Aligning the fields results in restorative healing within and without, at all levels of being. 

      I believe that I have developed an approach–an unforced effect–which respects the natural fluidity of the etheric body. The holographic field is responsive to loving intent. The effect of that directed intent focused at key points on and (at times)-- off the body–is that a definitive quality of the force field changes. We can think of this as clearing the static out of the field

      The results of this clearing “off-the-grid” are very intriguing, allowing healing to take effect on higher, deeper levels. I have observed such an effect in my two-year study and find this approach to be worthy of further investigation by me with my individual clients. 

      I believe that I have pierced the veil to the next level of what “it” is in my work–the next level of personal healing. If you would like to explore this untrodden path into the new millenium, please write to us via email or telephone for more information. 



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