From No Greater Love 
by Elizabeth Whelan


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" While Lacy (Calico Lace of Pocono) was in Texas, I was having trouble with my left foot. It was so bad I was in pain all the time. I had pulled my achille’s tendon in May of 1983 and never let it rest and get better. In 1984 I was terribly depressed. I couldn’t even walk and I thought I would never be able to walk again. The future looked so bleak. 

In July we saw an article in the magazine section of a local paper about a young doctor who was working on lame race horses and getting them back on the track. Rhea and Bob had their son’s 30-yr.-old Welsh mare who had been foundered and often had trouble getting up and moving. They took her to this doctor and after ten days of treatment she returned home, racing around the pasture, playing and bucking like a filly. I had gone with Rhea one day when we watched the pony being treated. His helper mentioned that the doctor was also a “people” doctor, working on the owners as well as the horses. 

In desperation and not believing any good could come of it, I made an appointment with the young doctor. It was like a miracle. After several visits my foot was so much better. In September 1984 I went to California while there I attended two shows and for the first time since May 1983, I went in the ring, getting around with very little pain. With this new lease on life, I began to look to a future of showing the dogs again. I kept going to the doctor (Robert) on a regular basis and at our Specialty in October I showed in five classes with very little discomfort. I was elated. The following winter I continued to see the doctor from time to time. 

Somehow, sometime in the past Lacy must have been injured. She always had a hard time whelping. She became increasingly weaker in the rear and moved slower. It was a gradual thing but as I watched her I knew she had a problem, with the shipping back and forth perhaps aggravating the injury or even being the initial cause of it .Her show days seemed to be ending as I watched her condition steadily worsen  

I had planned on going to the National and wanted badly to show Lacy myself. About six weeks before the shows I decided to talk to my doctor (Robert Lupowitz) to see if he could help Lacy. Robert is a chiropractor who uses a method in which he applies only six ounces of pressure at any one point. Since this method had been so helpful to me, I was very pleased that he agreed to try to help Lacy. It took only a few treatments before she was standing and moving almost normally. I was elated. By the time of the show she was almost as sound as she was as a young dog. Robert also said that with a few adjustments before whelping, she should have no more trouble delivering her puppies  

And so off we went to Indianapolis, two cripples. A wonderful doctor had given me new hope that a bright future would be in the offing When it came our turn to move, all the pain I had simply vanished into thin air. Lacy and I sailed around that ring the way I did thirty years ago. The applause was tremendous as Lacy was loved by everyone and I would be 79 the next month Jean pointed to me for Best in Show and I was overwhelmed. Without a doubt I am sure it was the happiest day of a life full of excitement and achievement. When I get discouraged or down, I just think of that night and I feel reborn ."