In the Field

We have all chosen to incarnate as physical beings for this lifetime, to experience this plane of existence in the form of a body occupying time and space. The body feels love and pain, and expresses our perfection through a sometimes imperfect vehicle.

Within these limitations, healing can be initiated or accelerated by the presence In the Field. There is a time and place for the physical body to receive healing touch, and participate in present-time interaction. The healing process can move more quickly, and it helps some people to ground their experience of change with a hands-on and off-the-grid integration, here and now.

While Distance Healing can be received on its own, or as a pre-or post-attunement, there is a definite benefit to being In the Field with Dr. Lupowitz for a few days, especially if you are dealing with a chronic threat to your health or serious illness.

HEALING RETREATS are being scheduled in 1999 for people who wouldlike to receive attunement In the Field with Dr. Robert Lupowitz.

At this time we are information-gathering, so the schedule will depend on the demand.

The place: Jemez Springs, New Mexico (about 1-1/2 hours from Albuquerque or Santa Fe) a beautiful mountain village with geothermal springs and abundant natural resources–a restorative environment with many amenities.

The plan: Thursday evening through Sunday morning – 2 off-the-grid sessions per day

The price: $1200 (exclusive of lodging and food)

We can advise you on obtaining reservations at area bed and breakfasts,or possible hostel arrangements at the Bodhi Mandala Zen Center. You would have time to soak in the hot springs and still explore the high country of New Mexico on your vacation.

Other locations are being explored as well---tentatively, we intend to offer a similar program in the Philadelphia area in July 1999.

If you would like to be placed on a mailing list for further information as to specific fees and schedules, please send us an email to --

We will send you a prompt reply with a questionnaire to help us plan the retreats with your needs in mind.