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Distance Healing/In the Presence 

The energetic fields of the human being transcend time and space. These energetics comprise the hologram of Self and Soul, and this is what is permanent. The body as we know it is illusory–the physical body is transient in this process. In the true healing process, the hologram is what is, what was, and what will be. 

Because these energetic fields transcend time and space, and are expressive of the Universal Presence, they are therefore ever-present, always. We can train ourselves to recognize this presence

If you are familiar with the Kabbalah (see illustration), it can help you to visualize this flow of creative life force. The Kabbalah is a metaphorical demonstration of how energy becomes matter. Universal Love is distributed through a spiral pattern, flowing life force from the Source through the energy bridges of the human being. The manifestation principle of this energetic is Shekhinah, the Presence. This transfluence of energy is you. 

Over the years I have been called upon by far-flung family, friends and patients to help them heal. Many were in deep crisis. Once I discovered the principles of holographic healing, I trained myself to recognize this presence of What Is, then send or fax people a healing frequency of loving intent. I believe the process works particularly well because the ego of both the client and the healer tend to be absent from the moment, so the physics of energy are free to flow in natural harmony. Distance Healing/In the Presence works in a remarkably "coincidental" way. 

If you are interested, contact us for details about receiving Distance Healing/In the Presence. 

(See also Off the Grid: Attuning the Human Holographic Field by Dr. Robert Lupowitz) 

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