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May 4: Updated news.






photos by James Thieler

RJ at Little Forest

photo by James Theiler

Band news:

Next up: Fuller Lodge Art Center, Friday, May 18, 5-7 pm, Good fun coming up in Los Alamos. We'll be sharing the venue with Peter the piper, so be ready for some rousing good tunes! Looking forward to having Sky back for a visit--the fiddles will be roaring!

We had an excellent time playing for St. Patty's again this year at Central Avenue Grill in Los Alamos. Thanks again to the Parks for their steadfast support of the band and opportunities to play in their space. We wish them the best in the future.


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Who are we?

We're a group of folk musicians who play celtic and old-time tunes in the upper Rio Grande valley of New Mexico. Our bread and butter is accompaniment for Scottish country dancing (RSCDS) and contra dances, and we play periodic Irish gigs on St. Patty's, as accompaniment for Irish step dancing, and parties. We've even played for an occasional bar mitzvah (Hava Nagila anyone?).

We jam on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Church, 1738 N. Sage St. in Los Alamos. We assemble a subset of the jam group for any given gig.

Our name comes from one of our standard tunes, also known as "Smash the Windows". And we're not to be confused with the venerable "other" Roaring Jelly band in the Boston area! (Think of us as bearing the torch in the wild West...)

Contact info:

roaringjellyband at gmail.com

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