Jornada Observatory

IAU code 715 Las Cruces

N32o 23' W106o 43' Alt. 1336 Meters


Jornada's Observatory code was assigned by the MPC on 31 Oct. 1998. The initial observation program was focused on main belt object follow up. In early 2000 an increased awareness of the role of impact events on the history of the earth, and the need for observations of NEOs at magnitudes greater that 20V lead to a change in focus to NEO observation. Jornada observatory is beginning an astrometry program focused on recovery and follow up of NEOs. Priority is the recovery of multiple and single opposition NEOs which will exceed magnitude 21.0 but donít exceed magnitude 19.0 during the opposition, and follow-up of newly discovered NEOs that are in the 19V to 21V brightness range and getting dimmer. The NEOs that are expected to become brighter than magnitude 19.0 during the opposition will be considered second priority targets since there is a reasonable expectancy of recovery by the professional surveys during their normal search work.

The two scopes pictured in the new permanent observatory location can be utilized in several different combinations depending on the requirements of the objects targeted. Each scope can target individual objects, or they can be used in tandem to conduct the recovery search for an object over a wider area, or they can image the same area of the sky simultaneously and the images added to increase the sensitivity.


Jornada Observatory Discoveries 

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Jornada Observatory is supported with instrumentation provided by

The Planetary Society Shoemaker NEO Grant Program of 2000 ) 


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