Hopi Kachina Eototo


"Toto" choosing a mate from the Chicagoland Pedigree book





Ch. Hopi Kachina Soyoko


Vel was Best Senior in the 1985 DCA Sweepstakes



Ch. Hopi Kachina Mashanta

"Chamita" telling Ray to hurry up with supper





Ch. Hopi Kachina Kopon


"Emmet "at 3 years old








Hopi Kachina Horo-Mana . Em's sister "Dancer"

Dancer was the Best Junior in the 1990 DCA Sweepstakes


Hopi Kachina Kweo









Hopi Kachina Kawaika

Cathy's beloved "Sybil", Lance's daughter.

"Sybil " was Best Senior in the 1993 DCA Futurity




And last but not least these two pretty girls share our lives today along with Emmet


Hopi Kachina Lollipup Esquire

"Lolli "was Best Junior in the 1995 DCA Futurity

She is a "Lance" daughter





Spotlight on Hopi Kachina "Token"










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