Our New Old House




North facing side of house

As you can see the garden is a mess, we will "pea gravel" it also add slick rock paving stones, and some big moss rocks, redo the terraces add a raised bed where the grass used to be and fill it with desert shrubs. The rather blank areas on the stucco will eventually have " petroglyph" style metal wall sculptures on them.





View from the street

The contractors had to give us a new gravel driveway as the original had been so messed up by the stucco people. One day we will put a new fence around the property





West Facing side of Property





South Facing looking East

New things here are obvious. Nice little deck instead of crummy steps . All of the windows in the solarium are now covered with white metal. We no longer have to worry about the wood around the windows it was getting very sundamaged. Also that terrible corrugated wall below the windows is now a nice strong wall with proper doors. I hope our neighbors across the canyon appreciate the view :-)





Front and Back of House

The first photo is of the front of the house. Note a proper garage door. Behind the garbage cans ( where the planter is) Terry is installing a 30" high sandstone column which has been drilled through the middle to make a fountain. The water will run down the wall of the fountain into a bed of varicolored pebbles. Going to look very pretty . We also have a wall sculture to go probably on the left hand wall as you get to the front door. I am very excited about this . Terry is also redoing the fish pond and waterfall indoors. Will add a pic when it's finished.

Second photo speaks for itself.




Back of House

Close up of fantastic difference to the back of the house and of course a view of the 'old house" from the bottom of the canyon. Will get a new view soon to compare it withthe old.