Encantados Where There's a Will


Introducing Will


Will has bilateral hearing and is a LUA (Low Uric Acid) Dalmatian

Will was born on June 5th 2007 and came to us on August 28th from Indiana. He is a low uric acid dog and is part of the Heritage Dalmatian Project. http://www.dalmatianheritage.com/ More information on LUA Dalmatians can be found at http://www.luadalmatians.com/

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Will has a great temperament very sweet and loveable and seems to be very smart. He is by Ch Snow Hill Limestone Icon ( Aslan) out of Stocklore Star Annie.Will is a source of much laughter and joy something that has been in short supply since our beloved epileptic Angel Emma vanished on the night of March 20th from our walled and gated yard. His favorite trick right now is to dive into the ornamental grasses in our front yard do a summersault and then look cute.


Settling in after a long hard day of car rides and airplane rides


Exploring the kitchen Will sees his reflection in the microwave



In the Santa Fe National Forest on Sunday August 26th. We are very impressed that already at 11 weeks he appears to have instant recall. Part of this is of course that it is a puppy's natural inclination to stay near his "family," but as the months have gone by and he has gotten older he still turns on a dime when called whilst hiking off leash in the mountains, mesas and canyons.

Will is growing fast and with a little help can already reach the counter top. He is 3 1/2 months old in this photo. He is now 8 months old at the time of writing this journal and he can now reach to the back of the counter. I guess it could be worse .





Me & My Teddy Bear

Wow playing takes it out of a guy

Mum says "Let sleeping dogs lie" I wonder why she says that?











In October of 2007 we made our yearly pilgrimage with our travel trailer to Utah. Will had been a bit hesitant about water up until we got to the Pariah River but just before this photo was taken he had been running in the river with the other two dal girls






The dogs love to go "camping" in our travel trailer the cat comes along as well. Emma used to sleep with Tessa just like Will is doing here.

We love to go to Dead Horse Point State Park near the entrance of Canyonlands National Park near Moab Utah. We can run the dogs of leash there in many places. Luckily our dals are all conditioned to edges of canyons ( we live on one) Will was just a little over 4 months

Christmas Day 2007

Two of Our Grandchildren Nina & Oliver on Christmas morning

Nina, with Buster our son Jeremy's Viszla & Will. Nina and Oliver live in Philadelphia with their parents Robin & Amanda

Oliver opens his presents as Will looks on. Our younger son Jeremy, his wife Missy, kids Jack,& Quinn, & dog Buster live nearby in Santa Fe


Will says goodbye to Nina after a fun week.






View from Los Alamos, looking across the Rio Grande Valley to the Sangre de Christo mountains. Santa Fe is to the extreme right 45 miles away .

Many people wonder how we can let our dogs off leash every day, this may explain why. The photo was taken from very near the house. We live at 7,300' at the foot of the Jemez Mountains






Check back in a few weeks for more photos