Ch.Hopi Kachina Satin Enchantress

Ch. Satin's Clown'n Round x Hopi Kachina Homespun Havara RDX


Tessa at the Grand Canyon


After winning ribbons at the 1996 Nationals in Futurity and Sweeps our enchanted lady went on the finish entirely with majors from the Bred by Exhibitor Class. She now proudly sports a 5pt BOW (Phoenix Specialty weekend) 4pt. WB/BOW at the first Colorado Specialty and two 3 pointers (BOW) one in Denver and the last one at the Enchanted Cluster in Albuquerque May of 1999 (also BOB)

Tess was bred last fall to Ch Roadpartners Billie Holiday and we were blessed with four little girls who arrived on Christmas Eve 1998. We kept one beautiful litle girl named "Rosie"

Tessa sprinkled her magic dust on her lovely daughter, "Hopi Kachina's Enchanted Rose" look for her in shows in the South West.

Ch.Tessa and her proud breeder/owner/handler, Marion


We were thrilled to receive the medallion from AKC for finishing our girl strictly from the bred-by class. Tessa is our very first champion of record and a homegrown one at that!!!!

5 point major at the Phoenix Specialty Weekend

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