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Thevery first Dalmatian to enter the lives of Ray & Cathy Nogar was sort of wedding gift to each other. We had purchased a rental riding stable in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and a handsome Dalmatian came with it! King was a medium sized dog, and very powerful, and he had a wanderlust. But that's a whole different story.

After moving back to Chicago, "Dawn" came into our lives. She was unregistered, and was with us until she died at 13 years old. Watchdog par excellence, baby sitter supreme,devoted friend. She taught us so much. We were mourning her loss, when Wayne Smith asked if we would like an adult female that he was showing. He had been transferred to the East, and could not take all his Dals with him. Thus, "Von's Black Velvet Doll" came to live with us. Wayne wanted a puppy from her, so when he was settled, Doll was bred to Laura Knowles" Ch. Colonial Coach Flasher",a well known mid-western stud. In February 1962 we had our first litter,and we were "hooked". Doll subsequently had a litter sired by "Geiger Encounter,C.D. and from this group, our son Nick chose his very own dog, "Doll's Drum". Nick trained and showed Drum to his C.D.title, and Ray showed him to his championship. While showing Drum, we felt neglectful to leave his dam at
home, so we entered her in the shows. Doll obtained her title swiftly at the age of 8 years.

Fate decreed a hold on breeding for several years. We had relocated to New Mexico and were settling into our new life there. Besides Doll and Drum, we had acquired a loveable liver boy," Newsprint Bronze Edition",whose call name was "Tory". He was bred to a very nice Colonial Coach bitch," Colonial Coach Kachina Doll". We were enchanted with a black bitch in the litter,
and made friends with the family who purchased her. When divorce disrupted that family, "Noki" came to live with us. The very young brothers in the family had named her, and we never did discover what (if anything) the name Noki" meant.

Noki was old enough to show, but we discovered that she was still on the blue slip. We had little time to select a name, and since Noki's dam was a Kachina Doll, and we were very interested in the Hopi Kachinas, and so it was that Noki was registered "Hopi Noki Kachina". That established the name of the line we have worked on over these many years. Though Dawn was our first bitch, Noki was really the foundation of all that has followed. She no longer shows on most 5 generation pedigrees, but we bless her memory and are thankful for the many virtues she handed down to our breeding program.

It was while showing Noki that we met "Ch. Melody Dynamatic"owned by Ed Flock. We were smitten with his rare combination of extreme elegance coupled with substance. A breeding was planned and the resulting litter was all that we had hoped for.A black female puppy chose Ray as her very own and went on to become" Ch. Hopi Kachina Full Circle". Since meeting Dynamatic, Cathy was becoming a liver lover, and retained a liver bitch pup. She was to become "Ch. Hopi Kachina Melody Mocha", and her call name was a feminized version of the grandsire's name and she was our beautiful Tori".

We have never had a "kennel", unless you would consider our whole house such. We are usually limited to 4-5 house dogs, and therefore have utilized the co-ownership with great success. We have co-owned with some folks who are now dear, close friends, for 25 years. In all but one case, it has been a happy situation for us, the co-owners and of course, the dog. The single case that was not successful resulted in the dog being returned to us and a happy ending.

After these many years living with our spotties, there are some outstanding memories. Our first big show thrill may have been when Ch. Hopi Kachina Melody Mocha went BOS to the great Ch. Panore of Watseka at the DCA national in Chicago in 1977. We have made an effort to attend all the nationals, though illness in our family prevented us attending in 1994. "

We took Circle's daughter by Ch. Melody Moon River to Kentucky in 1980, and won Best in Futurity with "Ch. Hopi Kachina Indian Summer", co-owned by Pat Sayles. "Indi" went on to assure her place in history by becoming the very first Champion/UDTX in the breed. The Ch/UDTX remains a very elite group to this day. At the DCA in Detroit in 1985 Ch. Hopi Kachina Soyoko was Best Junior in Sweeps. And she was followed by Ch. Hopi Kachina Horo-Mana in 1990 in California with the Same Best Junior award. The latest of the starlets is Hopi Kachina Lollipup with Best Junior in Sweeps in 1995 at DCA Chicago.

Though we are unable to attend many regional shows, we have been reasonably successful. The liver sisters, Ch. Hopi Kachina Kuwantotim,CD and her sister Ch. Paisley Spirit O Hopi Kachina (owned by Sue MacMillan) completed their titles with 5 point Specialty wins on the same day at opposite ends of the country. A big thrill was the liver Ch. Hopi Kachina Nuvak-China doing a "double" with Best in Sweeps and WB at the Arizona Specialty in 1989. Am/Can Ch. Hop[i Kachina Kweo completed his title with 5 pt WD awards at the Las Vegas Specialty and the Arizona Specialty.

We have been proud of the Awards of Merit bestowed on Ch. Hopi Kachina Soyoko, Ch. Hopi Kachina Mosairu II,CDX.TDX., as well as Ch. Hopi Kachina Kopon. Mosairu ("Spinner")Was nationally ranked, owner shown, in the year that he was campaigned.

With a single exception, all the HKs have been owner shown. We are especially pleased that many of our novice co-owners have been able to achieve the title on their own.

Linebreeding regularly, with only occasional outcrosses, our peers tell us has produced a recognizable line of dalmatians. We have bred 40 champions in our very limited breeding and showing. We no longer breed but act as a rescource for our area. Few of our bitches have had 3 litters; most have but two. Averaged out, we have probably bred a litter every two years or so. The original cross of Dynamatic and Noki was so pleasing to us that we have based most of our plans on the early cross. While we recognize that outcrossing is necessary and desirable sometimes, we prefer to wait for a dog in our pedigree to be outcrossed, and then incorporate the resultant Dal in our future breeding. The old Long Last has given us certain qualities that we desire, and our line has always intermingled with Paisley with excellent results.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our all time favorites as much as we enoyed choosing the photos.







Ch. Hopi Noki Kachina




Noki was bred to Ch.Melody Dynamatic and produced Ch. Hopi Kachina Melody Mocha, "Tori" ( who won B.O.S at the 1977 DCA and the Veteran Bitch Class in 1983) and Ch Hopi Kachina Full Circle "Circle"



Tori , Circle & Cathy


Tori enjoys tormenting Cathy!!










Three lovely ladies,

From left to right, Circle, Noki, & Tori.










Ch Hopi Kachina Full Circle "Circle"



Ch Hopi Kachina Melody Mocha

"Tori "wins the Veteran Bitch Class at DCA 1983








Ch Doll's Drum CD




"Drum" belonged to our son Nick









Drum gets anxious

Hey !! whats the holdup? aren't we going yet????













Lucy Loudmouth belonged to our dear friend Toni Gross.







Smile please!!!








Ch. Hopi Kachina Indian Summer (liver) was the DCA Best in Futurity winner in 1980 and was the first dalmatian to achieve both a confomation and UDTX title in the breed. Indi was also a talented coach dog and appeared at the National Appalosa Horse Show in that capacity.








Ch. Kuwantotim

"Tiny Toni"









Ray and Toni








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