"Rosie" born on Christmas Eve 1998 (7 weeks)

Ch. Roadpartners Billie Holiday x Ch. Hopi Kachina Satin Enchantress

12 weeks




October 10th, 9 1/2 months old

Still a gangly teenager but getting there!!

She looks more like her father than her mother



18mths old what a difference!!!! she is now much more mature.


At 2 1/4 years Rosies show career came to an abrupt end for two reasons, she was found to be severely hypothyroid, and she broke her tail, she had to have half of it amputated:-( Unfortunately it gradually appeared that Rosies brain was not "wired" correctly whether it was this or non existant thyroid we will never know but she became extremely vicious towards Emma and did serious damage several times. We had to say goodbye to her 2 1/2 years ago when she started attacking her mother and Will. It was such a hard thing to do , we should have done it years before but at least she is at peace now no longer troubled by the demons that used to haunt her.


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