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Apples, peaches, melons, bananas whatever is in season. Fruit should be preferably over ripe. Some times I throw in a pack of frozen blueberries or mango as long as there is no sugar added. ( I no longer add any dairy)

I hide Emma's pills in this after first opening a capsule Milk Thistle and stirring it into the food. Milk Thistle is a valuable tool used to detoxify the liver.
This is what breakfast looks like ( no cottage cheese anymore )

We give each dog one cup (sometimes a little more) of the following mixture and 1/2 cup of warm water We also give 1 Vitamin E capsule 400 units to each dog, they love it and eat it like candy, as well as 1 vitamin B Complex 50 ( I open the capsule and stir in the contents into the mixture) Em's pills and KBr are added to her bowl.


A Sample of the Veggies I use
Butternut Squash, Collard Greens, carrots,zuchinni
I homogenize the vegetables in a juicer .
I grind, 1 lb chicken backs, necks or wings and sometimes a little beef heart and add it to the vegetable mixture along with Barley Grass Powder, Alfalfa Powder, Kelp Powder, Eggs and Flaxseed oil. Each dog gets a little over a cup of the mixture along with a small amount of cooked white rice, sometimes some canned salmon or fresh fish. I mix 1/2 cup of warm water into the mixture.
This is what dinner looks like
This makes about 6 cups of food. Vegetables must be broken down by either a food processor or a juicer otherwise the dog cannot process them and thus they are usless. The aim is to make the veggies look as they would inside the stomach of a wild dogs prey.
*We use a combination of the following raw vegetables, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, green and yellow zucchini, sweet potato , winter squash ( I cook this in the microwave) carrots, parsely, dandelion greens.
Leafy greens are especially valuable in an epileptic dogs diet ( or non-epi's) as they contain many nutrients, including the most important Omega 3 essential fatty acids most of the vitamin needs and various anti-aging factors including anti-oxidants.
Leafy greens contain most of the vitamin needs for a dog, the only one they lack is Vitamin B12 which can be rectified by using eggs (raw and if possible free range) Leafy greens also contain Biotin and Folacin in abundance, also large quantities of vitmins C,A,E and K and carotenoids (anti-oxidents).
Amino Acids:
Chris Alderson of Epil-K9 writes this:
Deficiencies of amino acids can cause a wide variety of diseases and conditions including some forms of epilepsy.
Some of the amino acids (there are about 26 amino acids) are ONLY available from animal protein sources, and since many commercial foods use a higher proportion of grain/cereal or vegetable proteins, these diets are usually deficient in animal protein and the related amino acids. Even commercial foods with quality sources of animal proteins can be deficient in amino acids, since heat and processing alter the bioavailability of the aminos.
One of the single best advantages of raw feeding is the high amino acid content of raw foods, particular the "live" animal protein sources that are the basis of the raw diet.
Taurine is one of the amino acids that is only available from ANIMAL protein sources. In the section on Taurine, ( the first edition of Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog) the Wendy Volhard book includes this:
"anti-convulsant, successfully used in treating epilepsy", and "controls brain and nervous system neurons".
In the section on Epilepsy, the Volhard book includes amino acid deficiencies as a cause. The author also recommends natural diet and amino acids in the treatment plan for canine epilepsy. The Strombeck book on homemade diet mentions that the "body uses amino acids to make chemicals that serve as regulators of neurologic function.."
In an email conversation with Dr Ian Billighurst about a BARF diet for an epileptic dog he recommends a diet high in taurine ( raw chicken) and vitamin E.
If you are considering using the diet for a Dalmatian make sure you use lower purine yielding foods. I make a ratio of 2-1 veggies to meat to keep the protein lower. Please visit these sites for complete information on feeding Dals a BARF diet. These are also applicable for any dog.
Three very satisfied customers, Tessa , Rosie and Emma
We started feeding BARF July 1st 2000. Since then Emma has only had 8 seizures before that she was seizing every week. See her diary Emma's Page for details on her struggle with the monster epilepsy


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